• desmoniesdem,

    I couldn't agree more. I heard yesterday that Obama's going to start promoting his personality and charisma. What about promoting some plans for America? Don't be fooled, I lot of people don't support him. I'm African-American and Obama's not even on my short list. For some reason people think African-Americans are going to vote for him just because we share the same skin color. Most of Obama's supporters promote his personality, but fall short on his plans for America.  

    I'm a Clinton supporter; she's a leader not a follower and has some breakthrough plans for America. I am very much anticipating her UHC plan.   I've stated this before that she's the "brains" behind the power twosome (Bill and Hillary) and Bill's the "charisma". If Clinton falters for some unknown reason, I'll support Edwards. Edwards has some good plans for America too. It's about strength in leadership and plans for America not personality and charisma.

  • That is just ridiculous. You're just making up shit about Clinton. Please provide proof.  Qualify that accusation Sir. Bullshit!

  • Aiko,

    Honestly, I don't mean to be rude. But give me a break. I don't want to elect an African American to the White House if he has no plans for America. Obama has no plans. He speaks well.  He's charismatic. But has no plans. Did you listen to his speech in Nevada on Universal Health Care? It was pitiful. Edwards and Clinton blew him away. Your logic does not make sense.  To have him in the White House just have him there is idiotic. Is his skin color going to bring about some good ideas and plans on building back up the strength of America?  I don't think so.

    I believe he decided to run on a whim. Certain people (Oprah and others) told him to run and that he could win. He's not ready.  This weekend he surrendered to Bush without a fight. What's wrong with him?  He undermined the Democratic Leadership and spit on their bargaining chips. Do you not understand what he did?  That was not a "Rookie" mistake; it was just dumb.

    Regarding your comments on Hillary...Hillary is a leader. She isn't perfect. She's made mistakes, but who hasn't. She's been a damn good Senator and warrior for the Democratic Party. I am tried of people judging her without qualifying their comments.  Explain why you don't like her. And please don't give me the right-wing talking points- like 'she's calculating', 'she supports NAFTA', 'the Clinton money machine', 'she's fake' and 'she's really a Republican'. You don't know her. To vote against one to get another elected just so you elect "a man of color" is stupid. If you don't like her politics, I can respect that. But don't say that you don't like her, without explaining why.

  • Please...she's doen't smack down on him. She challenges his comments. Something you "Obama Worshipers" wouldn't know any thing about. It's almost like a cult. -Cult Obama-

  • Totally agree.

  • Oh Really,

    So are you black? Do you speak for me?  I'm not going to try to guess on whether of not we share the same skin color. Matter of fact, you are irrelevant.  Just a tidbit of information, I do share the same skin color as Obama and I DON'T SUPPORT HIM.  It has nothing to do with his "inexperience" and all to with the fact that he "HAS NO PLAN FOR AMERICA." "HOPE" is not a plan.  Obama is a weak leader; a surrender monkey.

    And let me also say, I believe you are underestimating the "Black Vote". We are not going to just vote for "Obama" because we share the same skin color. We do look at issues. We are not dumb and are quite educated. Obama's going to have to earn our vote. Up until this point, he doesn't deserve mine.

    Before you try to speak for me, please identify yourself first-black or white.  White people don't have a clue on what black people go through each day.  They can't identify with us. Obama is an "Ivy Leaguer" and doesn't identity with my struggle.  I wasn't as fortunate of Obama.  Although, he made it painfully clear on "60 Minutes" that he has trouble getting a cab in New York City. Stop the presses.

    No my dear, I speak for myself. We are no longer owned by slave masters.

    Hillary 2008 (Bill, First Man)

  • Not true. Please do some research before you embrarrass yourself. I think you may want to read this:

    http://www.taylormarsh.com/?bcsi_scan_B6 66A1DE717DB577=LPmh4Jg7N0dwRZM6hx8V2wEAA ADMEJAB

  • Then don't. No one is begging you to contribute!!

  • Who cares?  If I had Bill, I'd use him too.

  • Please explain calculating to me. Provide some proof for that statement. You don't even know the woman. Very few people do. If you don't like her and won't vote for, just say that. I am so tried of liberals bashing other liberals. She's been a good Senator, a damn good Senator. NO ONE is perfect. Are you perfect? I know I am not.

    I am f***g tried. I left Huffington site because of this shit. I guess I'll leave this one too. You have the right to say what you choose, but its ridiculous to keep bashing her day after day.

  • on a comment on Puzzled over 7 years ago

    Oh so Aipac is dictator of this country huh!

    Are you for real?  AIPAC is powerful!! I think you might want to educate yourself on AIPAC.

  • You are obviously one of those dumb as Republicans.

  • Oh please. Questioning Barrack comments is "disgusting".  But it's ok for you all to take down everything Hillary says? Barrack needs to answer some questions, bottom-line. Is "HOPE" going to get us through Populism2008? Is "CHARISMA" going to get us through" Populism2008?  Barrack is an eloquent speaker, but from what I can see so far, a weak leader. Maybe that will change. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. But it "ain't" looking good Barrack supporters. What is his platform?  What are his views on free trade (I.E. Nafta), death penalty, habeus corpus, affirmation action and gay marriage? AND MOST IMPORTANT WHAT IS HIS PLAN TO GET US OUT OF IRAQ? I kept checking his website for answers. Still nothing...

    Hillary 2008 (Bill, First Man)

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    Here you go...

    If we are to believe Edwards and Obama, if they become President they're getting out or Iraq totally. Are you people forgetting about AIPAC?  

    We are never getting out of IRAQ. We're going to build permanent bases there. Why do you think Iran is up in arms? Stop living is "La La" land. Edwards and Obama aren't being truthful or realistic. If either becomes President, they won't have the guts to totally leave IRAQ. We can't and we won't leave. Blame Bush and his stupid ass Administration, not the messenger. We have made the World less safe by invading Iraq. We don't have a choice. AIPAC will own the Dem or Repub nominee anyway; therefore we're staying in IRAQ permanently.

    Hillary, on the other had said from the beginning she will leave troops in IRAQ to help the Iraqi troops. You people love to try to take Hillary down on every word. Edwards and Obama aren't being truthful people. You've got to use common sense Progressives.

  • #1. I really don't care what Edwards or Obama say now; THERE are going to be permanent bases in IRAQ. Why you might ask; the Israeli Lobby. At least Clinton is being honest. You are fooling yourself if you think Edwards and Obama are being candid.

    #2. So what if she hasn't apologized for the vote. You people would hold it against her and say she is trying to gain more support by apologizing. She's doing the right thing by NOT APOLOGIZING. I am tried of hearing about this bullshit. YOU would still NOT like her or VOTE for her. What DIFFERENCE does an apology make? Why don't you ask all the other DEMOCRATS that voted for the war to "apologize"? You people hold the Clinton's to a different standard. Why don't you lobby all the Republican's that voted for war to apologize?  Give me a break!!!! This subject is getting SOO OLD!!


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