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NEW YORK -- Hillary Clinton returned to Harlem's historic Abyssinian Baptist Church Sunday to pick up the endorsement of its minister, a prominent figure in New York's African-American community who made a point of explaining why he was supporting her and not her chief rival.  

The Rev. Dr. Calvin Butts cited his long relationship with the senator and her work on education and healthcare among the reasons for backing her and shared that he had received phone calls from people in the black community questioning his decision to support a white woman rather than Obama. 

"This was not and is not and will not become a race-based decision for me,” Butts said, “and I hope that it has not and will not become a race-based decision for you either. I respect Sen. Obama. I applaud him and I love him as my brother, but a vote for Hillary is not a vote against Barack Obama or any community, be it African-American, Latino and others, for that matter. A vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote to elect someone who has proven through time to me and to this community and this country that she has the experience to make things happen and the vision to return us to a place of prosperity.”

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