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    The purpose of the AAA is to provide a neutral forum for dispute resolution that is faster and cheaper than litigation.  You got exactly that.  Had you gone to court, you would still be waiting for a court date, and would have already spent far more than $2,000 on fees and expenses.

    Second, the arbitrator is just that--a neutral party who decides the dispute.  You seem to believe that it's his duty to take the consumer's side before and during the hearing; that wouldn't make him very impartial, now, would it?  

    Third, the arbitrator was probably doing you a favor by conducting the hearing by phone (reducing your costs) and by ignoring your objections and granting those of the builder's attorney.  It means that based on what he had read and heard, he was leaning your way on the merits and was eliminating any opportunity for the builder to claim some procedural error as grounds for not enforcing the award.  And you did win the case, right?

    Fourth, the AAA is not supposed to enforce its awards.  That's your job.  I don't know what state you live in, but here (NJ) it's a simple matter of filing an action to docket the award as a judgment, which shouldn't take more than 2-3 months and a couple hundred dollars of attorney fees.  Please DO hire an attorney (on an hourly basis) to do this for you or you're bound to lose time and money.

    Finally, although the builder threatened bankruptcy, it sounds as though he hasn't filed yet.  It may be an empty threat, or he may be waiting until the very last minute before his creditors begin to seize assets, or there could be any number of other reasons why he hasn't filed.  The point is that you are doubtless not his only creditor, and that the race to seize assets belongs to the swift.   So hire a collection lawyer and get moving.    

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    ...is the same it always is.  Not enough of them show up to vote.  Seemingly everything has been tried to change this over the last 30+ years with little to show for the effort.  Will Obama change this just because of what he symbolically represents?  That would be great, but I'm not optimistic.

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    Not trying to be a wise guy here, but how could this seat possibly be "easy to defend" in '08 if it's now held by a Republican, who polled 48% in November?  Isn't this likely to be a battleground district (regardless of the candidates) at least until the next Texas Chainsaw Redistricting?  Plus, haven't the DCCC/DNC essentially taken over this race because Ciro Rodriguez is such a poor campaigner?  Even if he wins now, he can't count on that level of support (in people, time, and money) in November '08.

  • Why wouldn't a McCain-Lieberman Ind. ticket pull at least as many (if not more) GOP voters away as Dem. voters?  Both are ultra-hawks on Iraq--McCain wants to send in even more troops--and the war is increasingly unpopular not only with Dems but with Inds.  "Reformer" credentials or not, if we're still in Iraq in 11/08 (more likely than not at the moment), I don't see too many of the voters who went Dem in '06 switching to a ticket that not only wants to "stay the course" but double down with the lives of other people's sons and daughters.

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    ...Hastings was not just impeached but convicted and removed from office.  Not slamming you; prior comments should have made that clear.

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    ...Hastings was not just impeached but convicted and removed from office.  Not slamming you; prior comments should have made that clear.

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    ...I expected a much larger list.  I'd make a few nominations, but it's time to put the bird in the oven.

  • That may be McCain's biggest asset.  He doesn't even have to waste time trying to spin them because they're already doing it for him, and will continue to do so.  

    A question: is the GOP evangelical primary vote really so monolithic?  Or is it possible they'll split their votes among the various candidates wooing them (e.g., Huckabee, Romney, Frist, Brownback), making the path that much easier for McCain or Giuliani?

  • I couldn't care less about you.  I just want you to go away and find another place to vent, because this is the wrong venue for it.

  • ...this is a website dedicated to no-nonsense, practical progressive Democratic politics, with no pretensions to being a "community", or an expression of the zietgeist, or a substitute for one's own family and friends (should you have any).  So your diary is particularly inappropriate for posting at MyDD.  Take your self-inflicted (perhaps imaginary) problems elsewhere because most MyDD users are far more interested in, say, what will be the first set of bills passed in the House come January.

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    Let me see: you post a cryptic GBCW diary on DKos and are shocked, shocked at some of the responses and actions of those who read it.  DKos is generally a great site, but like all others it has its share of meddlers and whackos.  And your solution is to post yet another message on this site (which shares many users with DKos) inviting another set of unknown "users" to become involved in your personal life by finding you a job and a place to live, and to join in some purported "legal fight" against God knows who?  

    Maybe you need to think this through a bit more, because this is an odd way to go about restoring and preserving one's privacy.

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    Holt, Andrews and Pallone are waiting in the wings, and at least one of them will be unwilling to wait until '14 to move to the upper house.

  • They didn't spend $3m producing the ad.  That's a reflection of what it costs to air the ad in the Chicago media, a very expensive market.

  • ...to call Holt's district ultra-safe.  This was drawn up as a lean-GOP district (Princeton and suburban environs).  His opening came when the incumbent made an ass of himself by singing a love song to Kenneth Starr on the floor of the Congress.  Since then, he's beaten back a succession of spirited GOP challengers, and was often near the top of the NRCC target list.  This year, he's getting something of a break, because he's facing a weaker challenger.  Still, the demographics of the district mean that he can take no election for granted--which makes his willingness to give time and money to others all the more impressive.

  • I'm sure his publisher begged and pleaded with him to make some statement of interest, however vague, to get this sucker moving off the shelves.  Worked for Colin Powell.  Sounds cynical, but I do like the guy; would just like to see him do something significant in the Senate first, and if we can take 6 seats somehow, he'll get his chance.


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