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    No way in hell Oberstar loses.  take it from  a Duluth boy.

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    Celebrating losses of democrats while opposing a progressive indy in chafee.  You are an enigma inside a riddle wrapped in a quim.

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    Ha ha.  You think anybody who voted for Obama now regrets it, and would instead have  voted for McCain/Palin?  Don't be a fool.


    Or perhaps you're speaking of the primary.  I don't think Clinton would now be doing any better, as Obama's team is largely drawn from the same group of Clinton sycophants.



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    So, Obama's numbers are similar to what Clinton's (and probably Reagan's) numbers were at this point?


    TeH sky iz falling!


    Seriously, though.  Obama wins...Another democrat is nominated and wins/loses, a republican wins.  It DOES NOT MATTER AT THIS POINT.  I am going to support democrats who deserve my support (including president Obama) and oppose democrats who do not deserve my support...largely concentrating on upcoming races, such as my gubernatoral and congressional (and state house and senate) races.

    Jesus, man...the annointed one loses a democratic nomination and you come totally fucking unglued.  Seek help.

  • Fair enough.  Perhaps I was mistaken.  Your last paragraph smacks of PUMA-ism at it's worst.  Bordering on racially insensitive, I am sad to see such drivel grace the front page of this once reasonable place.

    I guess I still pine for the primaries of 2004, before Jerome went off the deep end, and dragged this place with him.

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    Did you really write this, Jack?  You seemed to be one of the decent front pagers here.


    It seems MyDD has jumped the shark entirely. 

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    Others here are saying the same thing as you because this place is a wasteland, fit only for PUMAs and republiclan trolls, such as yourself.  A pox on this site (not that it is necessary)

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    Dunno about DU.  That place is a cesspool.  Sure was fun watching the hillarites' heads assplode at the end of the primaries, though.  15% of teabaggers are PUMAs.

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    The government was corrupt all through the Bush years.  It took a black man as POTUS to invigorate the teabaggers.  Militias are up 300% over the last year.  It isn't corrupt government that is spurring this bullshit.  It is frank racism and stupidity.

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    Police found that the bullet had been fired INTO THE AIR, and entered the (abandoned) office at a trajectory that put it on the floor just inches from the window, not even breaking through the shade.

    You should really pause before you post.


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    "center right"


    Um...not at all.  At least not by any objective criteria.  You are now repeating talking point used by ollie north, Glen Beck, Shaun Hannity, and Rush Limbaugh.

    Not that you ever had credibility, but you might just want to cool it, because the "center right" meme is for fools.



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    Okay, so you are propagating outrageous and unsubstantiated claims as if they are facts.

    Comparing rumour to fact is not legitimate.

    At the very least, everybody here should know that I don't give a flying fig about the opinion of a conservadem/republican applogist/puma.

    Not. one. whit.

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    Smiley's claims....never corroborated.  You're propagating lies.

  • I'd rather lose Bright and keep Cao.  Numbers and labels be damned.  Cao's record is better than Bright's

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    He's one guy I wouldn't mind seeing be unemployed.


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