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    Barack Obama is no more qualified to be President than the current incompetent who will surely go down as our worst President.He has a compelling personal story but lots of people have compelling personal stories. That does not mean they are qualified to be President of the United States.

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    Kean has a chance to win here because Menendez comes out of the Hudson County political machine(I grew up in his home town of Union City) and is open to attack on ethical grounds.Kean is also busy running like crazy away from Bush. Gov.Corzine should have chosen either Rep.Frank Pallone or Rep.Rob Andrews to replace him in the Senate. Against either man,the weak sister Kean would have had no chance.

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    Bush bamboozled enough white women in 2004 to pull through by appeals to fear.It won't work this year,you can only pull the wool over their eyes so many times.

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    Polls at this point of an election year are not what matters.Its votes on election day,lets hope that Dumbya's numbers are still in the toilet in November.

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    Bergen certainly has been trending Democratic in recent years and the Democrats have been raising more money by huge amounts over the inept GOP.The Republicans are now split in the County Executive election and are facing a bitter primary fight.Talarico wants Kean,Jr to run on the same line with his organization candidate who faces strong opposition from longtime County Clerk Kathy Donovan.

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    The Democrats will pick up between 20 and 25 seats to take control of the House.We have so many favorable factors going for us that it would be hard to see anything less than 20.
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    Actually if we could pick up 4 seats it would be a 51-48-1(Bernie Sanders) split.This would be enough to block another right wing Supreme Court nominee if,God forbid,Stevens dies(he will never retire with Bush still President).
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    Chris comes from a Democratic background,he even worked for Tip O'Neill. But like so many other
    "Lace Curtain Irish"he has forgotten where he came from ,too much country clubbing with the wealthy WASPS.
  • It now appears that Gore is in the 2008 Pres.race and I honestly believe he is our best choice.He is the only one who can stop Hillary in the primaries and that fact,in and of itself,makes him our best possibility.Forget Kerry,Edwards,Clark and Warner,none of them can stand up to her and she must be stopped or else its 4 more years of whomever the GOP nominates.This woman will never get 270 electoral votes barring a complete economic meltdown.

    This brings us to Gore in the general election. Its quite true he ran a bad campaign in 2000,but he will be 8 years older and wiser next time and hopefully,the incompetent Donna Brazile will be kept far away from Gore along with the equally clueless Bob Shrum.I think Gore has one big thing working for him and that is good old fashioned guilt.There is no question that there is a feeling in the country that this man was cheated out of the Presidency and if he plays this feeling the right way,I honestly believe he can sail into the White House.He has the experience,the stature,he can turn enough red states blue to get to 270.

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    I can see the Democrats picking up between 17 and 22 seats in the House.The latter would give us 225-210,the former 220-215,I just cannot see how the Rethugs can survive the 6 year effect plus Iraq and I can see the housing bubble starting to burst. The entire economy is being propped up by refinancing,if the bubble bursts,I can then see a 25-28 seat pickup.

    On the Senate side,I see pickups in Pennsylvania,Ohio,Missouri and Montana which would give us 49 seats counting Bernie Sanders in VT,who is a sure winner.I think Chafee will survive in RI and Kyl in AZ and I don't think Ford can win in TN.

  • Someone will emerge as the anti-Hillary in 2007. Who that someone is,no one now on 12-16-05 can safely predict,but whoever that someone turns out to be,will have a better than 50-50 chance of being the next President of the United States.
  • I would state with reasonable certainty that many of the people polled thought that former Governor Tom Kean was being polled and not his son.Bobby Menendez will win next November,you can put it in the book.If the father really were to run,it might very well be a different story but that won't happen.
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    The Rethugs have about as much chance of beating Kennedy and Biden as we do of winning Utah in 2008.I would be concerned if they go after red state Dems.
  • The Constitution cannot be changed by a staute,only by amendment which takes two thirds in each House and three fourths of the States. Of course there is not a chance in a million of that happening The Rethuglicans are slowly digging their own future political grave as the children of today's immigrants,some whose parents were here illegally,gain future influence. I say let them dig,in fact lets supply the shovels.
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    I predict the Dems. will pick up a minimum of 25 seats and a maximum of 30 seats in 2006.


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