• I agree that the dynasty issue could be a sleeper against Hillary. Hey people,can we have a President,please,who is not named Bush or Clinton?And then in 2016,its Jeb's turn.My God,we could have a situation where from 1988 to 2024,36 freakin years,every President would be from two freaking families.

    I think Edwards can beat her in Iowa and New Hampshire by running to her left. As a Southern white man,he can take positions that a woman or black cannot take on the issue of imperialism and militarism.

  • Hart was born in 1936,the same year I was born. He is no baby boomer but a member of the "silent generation"(1925-1943)

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    Lets face it,the only reason we beat the Rethugs in 2006 was Iraq.Our best hope to win in 2008 is for Bush to stay in Iraq.If we are still bogged down in November 2008,even Saint McCain and Saint Rudy,the two darlings of the media,will go down in a landslide.Bush is digging the Rethugs into a deeper hole,lets not take away his shovel.

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    Its true that the media began with the Hillary vs.Obama theme,I think mainly because Obama so obviously could cut into her African-American base.

    However,in the past week,it seems that they have woke up to the fact that Edwards is in the race based on the Iowa polls and the head to head matchups with McCain and Rudy which show him a the most electable.

    Edwards,as a white Southern male,can get away with running to the left of both of them and running to their left is the only way to take them on.He has to avoid the Dean problem of anger and the slight flakiness factor which became apparent even before the Iowa scream after Dean tanked in the caucus.

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    If he jumps in,he has my support.

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    Lay off Romney,he is our best hope for a Democratic landslide in 2008,McCain will be much tougher to beat.

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    Who cares,I would support either candidate over Hillary Clinton anyway.

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    If Utah got a 4th seat,there would be then 539 electoral votes which would mean there could not be a tie.And of course,a 437 seat House. DC has 3 electoral votes anyway even with no Senators.

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    I assume Utah will pickup a 4th Congressional seat after the 2010 census,but until the census is taken,how can the legislature create 4 distritcs unless they know the exact population under the one man,one vote doctrine?

    Would someone please explain this?

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    If Al Gore runs,I believe he will blow away the field.

    If he stays out,I think Edwards will emerge as the main anti-Hillary candidate,who comes out with the nomination,its too early to say.

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    Putting Hastings in as Chair would be giving ammunition to the Rethug slime machine.Rush Holt is the guy for the job.Jane Harman was much too supportive of the Administration on warrantless spying.

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    Of course Dumbya is going to stay in Iraq through the 2008 election which will guaranty a big Democratic win in 2008.If thats the only way we can beat McCain,so be it.

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    Polling at this time means next to nothing.Its all about name recognition anyway.The use of the name "Rodham" with such a big difference only showns how meaningless polling on 2008 is right now.

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    Here is what a Democratic landslide should NOT mean. No more actions to further antagonize blue collar white males like more gun control and more affirmative action programs for women and minorities and please no amnesty for people who sneak into our country and take jobs away from Americans.The middle class is slowly sinking into a 3rd world economic status and we don't need Democratic majorities to hepl it along.

  • Lets stop talking about Hillary and Obama,neither one is either qualified or electable. We have one Democrat who is qualified and electable(he won the 2000 election) and he comes from the Volunteer State.He will run in 2008 and he will be our candidate and he can beat John McCain. Hillary sure cannot beat McCain,no one seriously can dispute this political fact.


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