Ned Lamont's country club problem

A couple of days ago, Ned Lamont resigned from the Round Hill country club in Greenwich, persumably because he didn't want it to become a distraction during the campaign, but insiders are saying that Lamont resigned for a completely different reason. The reason is that Round Hill country club is basically a lilly white members only club, with only a few African American members there.

Lamont's explanation of this he says was that the club was not as diverse as it should be, and he really didn't pay that much attention as he should have.

So, Ned Lamont was once a member of an exclusive country club here in Connecticut that was basically a whites only club.

I wonder how the Lamont forces will try to explain this one away. As Rosco P. Coltrane would say, shame, shame, everybody knows your name!!!!.

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Time to support Israel

Well, once again, Israel gets kicked in the balls by a terrorist group, and still some world leaders are condemning Israel for trying to protect itself from these cowards. We all know that Hezbollah, Hamas, and Islamic Jihad cannot be trusted to leave Israel alone. Memebers of Hezbollah sneak over the Israeli border, kill eight soldiers, and kidnap two more, and Israel is supposed to just sit back, and let it happen with retaliating?? That is out and out bull**!!!!

     Israel now should go on the offensive, and stay on the offensive until their soldiers are returned safely home. Israel has caved into pressure, and given up the Gaza strip, part of the west bank, turned over hundreds of prisioners, and basically gave away the kitchen sink. What have the terrorists given up?? NOTHING!!! Not one damn thing.

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The swiftboating of Lieberman continues

Over the last couple of days, the liberal bloggers have turned up the heat on Joe Lieberman. The attacks have grown more incessent, and personal. I remember back in 2004 when the swiftboaters went after John Kerry. They attacked and made up lies that the rightwing media, especially Foxnews, wasted no time in repeating. I won't bore you will all the details, because you already know all about it.
   I will not attempt to criticize all the bloggers because it would take too much time, but one man in particular, has taken it upon himself to lead the charge against Joe, and that man is David Sirota.
    Now, Mr. Sirota is not a bad man, but unfortuneatly, he is very much misguided on why he's against Lieberman. He says he doesn't think Lieberman has the best interests of Connecticut voters. Sirota points out that Lieberman is for NAFTA and GATT, but he conveniently seems to forget that the last three elected Democrats to run for president, Clinton, Gore and Kerry, were also for these trade agreements. Sirota will go after Lieberman for supporting these free trade agreements, but seems to take a pass at Clinton, Gore and Kerry.

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John Lewis endorses Joe Lieberman

John Lewis, one of the early founders of the civil rights movement has come out and STRONGLY endorsed Joe Lieberman to return to the Senate. Mr. Lewis said in a statement, (paraphraising), Joe Lieberman could have stayed in Connecticut, but he decided to come south and help us in the civil rights movement. He is a giant in that, and other areas, and I support him 100%. Joe is a great friend of mine.

So if people like John Lewis, who strongly disagrees with the war, can put that aside and strongly support Senator Lieberman, how come so many of the close minded lefty blogs can't bring themselves to do the same??

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Lieberman remains at about 60% approval

For those of you wishing and hoping that Lieberman would take a tumble after Ned stole 33% of Ct. primary vote, guess again. According to surveyUSA, Lieberman stands at 59% approval, an INCREASE of two percent since last month, when he was at 57%. In fact Lieberman is polling better than his Ct. counterpart Chris Dodd, and Dodd isn't running for anything.

   Sorry to disappoint you Lieberman haters, but these are the facts. Lieberman at 60% approval. Leads Lamont in Quinnipiac poll by 46%, (65-19%) Leads Lamont in Rasmussen poll by 27%. He wins either as a Democrat or Independent.. Spin this all you want, but Joe is still king!!!

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Joe Lieberman is victorious. Ned Lamont is a loser!!!! This was the liberal party faithful, and still Joe won over 65%.  Now we'll take this victory and Joe will slam the door on Lamont, and his one issue. Gee Matt, and Chris, how does it feel to have lost by about 35%. No contest!!!

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Brewing Lamont scandal, he owns Halliburton stock!!

It seems that Ned Lamont has a little 'splainin to do. According to an AP story, via Taegan Goddard's political wire, Lamont and his wife own somewhere between $15,001 and $50,000 worth of Halliburton stock!!! OOPS Neddie is in bed with Cheney when it comes to Halliburton.
     OK boys what would you do?? Ned, explain why you're in bed with Cheney and Halliburton??

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BREAKING: New WSJ-Harris poll, Bush at 29%

According to a new Wall St. Journal-Harris poll out tonight, George Bush is at his lowest point ever in his presidency. Only 29% approve of his performance, while 68% think the country is seriously on the wrong track.

  Most polls have had Bush at between 31-35% for the couple of weeks, but with tonights poll, Bush breaks new ground. This is in the relm of where Richard Nixon was just before he resigned in disgrace in 1974, and where Jimmy Carter was back in the late 70's. This is historic stuff. 5/11/bushs-approval-ratings/

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Howard Dean strikes again. Fuzzy on Dem party platform

It's been a while since I've had to drag out my Howard Dean scream, but the other day, Mr. Dean reminded me, that there is still some life left in the mouth that roars.
   A couple of days ago, Dean was on the 700 Club, and the subject of gay marriage came up and Mr. Dean said the following;

"The 2004 Democratic platform says that marriage is between a man and a woman. That's what it says. I think we may take exception with some religious leaders in that we believe in inclusion, and that everybody deserves to live with respect, dignity, and equal right under the law".

Really, the 2004 Democratic platform I know doesn't say that at all. This is what it says.

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Hey Lieberman haters, choke on this, Joe 65% Ned, 19%

All you Lieberman haters out there in DD land, choke on these numbers. Joe Lieberman in a heads up contest against Ned Lamont, destroys poor Neddie, 65%-19%. I guess all the slander against Lieberman just isn't working, but I'm sure you'll come up with more. Let's see the spin coming from you Lamont supports this morning.
    But don't fret none. Having Joe back in the Senate for another 6 wonderful years isn't as bad as you think it might be. But for now, the smear job you guys are putting on Lieberman, just isn't working. Also, for my little friend from Missouri, I trust I made my point clear!!!

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