The financial crisis explained in two minutes

You may have had this video forwarded to you recently.  It is an attempt to pin the financial crisis on Democrats because of the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977.

It is a pretty silly claim, but it is easy to confuse people with a deceptive youtube video when the truth about this financial crisis is very hard to understand.  Not everyone can be an economist.

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Ken Lay as Enron goes down: The fundamentals of our business are sound

There once was an energy company called Enron.  

Fortune named Enron "America's Most Innovative Company" for six consecutive years. At the end of 2001 it was revealed that its reported financial condition was sustained substantially by institutionalized, systematic, and creatively planned accounting fraud, sometimes called the "Enron scandal". Enron has since become a popular symbol of willful corporate fraud and corruption.

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AP confirms more McCain lies, this time on book banning

This is one of the saddest aspects of the Palin pick.  Book banning is such an insult to the universal American respect for freedom of speech that it is shocking McCain would even consider choosing someone to be a heart beat away from the presidency who had even considered the action.

It is less shocking, at this point, that when faced with a challenge on this issue the McCain camp would fall back on their second most favorite defense, a lie.

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Republican Convention Slime Returns

You would think the party that embarrassed itself by dishonoring wounded veterans in 2004 would know better.

Unfortunately, according to a report from the AP, they have only gotten worse.

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Ice Cream

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Palin is a Shark, A Warning

As a born & raised Alaskan, today has been tumultuous day.

My cell started ringing at ass-crack:30 this morning (Alaska is -1 Pacific, -4 ET) with the rumor mill, and then a little later the confirmed WTF calls. Friends and family from all over the country calling to ask about our Gov.

It was of course impossible to go back to sleep after that, so I've been tired all day. But lack of sleep isn't what caused the looming sense of dread I've felt all day.

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Quick McCain Laugh

I know, I know.  This has been a great week with amazing progress for the country.  We have seen an outstanding speech from Barack Obama, a strong and wise leader who challenges us to rise above the petty silliness in politics.

However, I tend to be a petty and silly guy.  Look at this product you can purchase from McCain's official site:

There's more... Confirms Obama Born in US

As much as I hate to disprove such hard hitting and objective investigative journalists as TexasDarlin and Michelle Malkin, I must pass on the news that it has been confirmed that Barack Obama was born in the United States and is indeed eligible to be president.

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No Cone of Silence

Pastor Warren, the host of last night's forum was just on CNN.  In an interview with Rick Sanchez the pastor admitted McCain was not even at the Church for the first half hour of the event. This admission comes as a surprise to those of us who watched the event and were told many times that McCain was at the Church and in isolation.

CNN says they talked to McCain's camp and they said no one in his camp was listening.  The honor system, are you kidding me?

I think it is pretty clear at this point McCain did indeed know the questions in advance.

Video here.

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McCain and his difficult support of NAMBLA

A recent opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal by Karl Rove accuses Obama of hypocrisy for refusing to agree to debate on John McCain's terms.

Last month he replied "anywhere, anytime" to John McCain's invitation to have joint town hall appearances. Last week he changed his mind. Fearing 10 impromptu town halls, Mr. Obama parried the invitation by offering two such events - one the night of July 4, when every ambulatory American is watching fireworks or munching hotdogs, and another in August. His spokesman then said, "Take it or leave it." So much for "anywhere, anytime."

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