This is really quite simple...

Look, this is really quite simple.

If someone asks you why you're continuing a campaign that virtually the entire planet has said is over, or really even if that were not the case, you do not say the word "assassination" in your response.  Period.

I don't care what the context was.  I don't care what she meant to say.  It was either downright stupid or downright disgusting.  You do NOT invoke an "assassination" as your reason for staying in the race.

That is all.

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Wright Won the Campaign for Obama

I realize this is sort of counter-intuitive, but bear with me here.

Just after PA, the sort of "CW" was that Obama would probably win NC by around 20 points and that IN was a tossup.  Somehow or another, even given this, IN was considered the key for Obama to finish off the race (for whatever reason), and he was given at least a 40-50% shot of winning it.

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What Happens to MyDD after the Primary?

I know people will immediately assume I'm writing a "snark" diary or something here, but I assure you that I am not and that I am trying to ask a real question here.

Essentially what I want to ask is, what happens to MyDD after the nomination is wrapped up?  For the sake of argument, I'm going to assume that Obama wins the nomination, since, as reported on the front page here, even Clinton's campaign thinks she only has at best a 10% chance. I am NOT asking Clinton to drop out, I am simply presenting a hypothetical based on what seems to be at least a 90% outcome (and if you disagree with this, that's fine... but that's not the point of this diary).

So, in any case, if and when Obama wraps up the nomination, whether  in a month, or August or whenever, I know that there are already an (unfortunate) number of folks here who promise to never ever vote for Obama.  It is unfortunate that people would base their general election decision on spite (as I, and I think most other Obama supporters would still support Clinton in the general over McCain in a heartbeat), but so be it.  Your loss is unfortunate, but apparently unavoidable.

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Enough Already: My Pledge

I tried something like this before, but it was apparently too long or whatever, so no one read it and no one cared, and things seem just as bad as they ever were.  So here I am to try again.

The amount of bickering on this site has gotten ridiculous to the point where supporters of both candidates spew so much venom that they not only hurt the candidate and their general election chances, but are also extremely insulting to the SUPPORTERS of those candidates, further decreasing the chances for electoral victory come November.  So, I'd like to make a pledge in an effort to calm this place down a bit, and I hope you'll support it as well.

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We like who we like

Let me start this diary by first disclosing that I am an Obama supporter in the primaries, but would have no reservations whatsoever about voting for Hillary in the general election.  None at all.  I think both candidates would be fantastic presidents, and those people saying that they'll refuse to vote for one candidate or another I think are being really short-sighted.

The reason for this is that, as others have noted here and elsewhere, my #1 consideration for this election is winning, namely because I want to make sure that a democrat is appointing the next Supreme Court justices.

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