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    PPP has good numbers for Franken tonight, which was nice after getting 2 bad numbers for him today and yesterday.

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    I wouldn't be surprised if it showed a McCain lead tomorrow.

    I'll keep looking at the overall composite.

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    Zogby's a good poll suddenly because they moved to a telephone model?

    The same Zogby that said on ELECTION DAY in 2004 that Kerry was going to win Virginia?

    Whatever you say, Jerome.

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    Who the hell is Peter Fuld?

    That being said, no, this isn't over.  Obama's lead came very quickly and it can evaporate very quickly.  Keep working.

  • Hey, a shout-out... Thanks!

    Of course, I can't take all the credit... I got the idea from an Andrew Sullivan post.  =)

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    Now, I suppose that trend could reverse, but all of the polls have been showing a crash in her favorabilities.  The Dkos/R2k poll has the worst numbers for her, but others are now showing her as having either the worst or 2nd worst net favorability of the 4 candidates.

  • This poll has Obama up 4 in FL when 3rd parties are added in.

    The rest of the margins aren't that much different with 3rd parties (I think IN ticks up 1 for Obama).

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    I want to know why McCain is outspending Obama at all in both OH and CO.

    Considering those are likely going to be the 2 most important states in this election, Obama should be going nuts there.

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    All things being equal...

    These numbers aren't so bad, particularly for the seemingly MyDD Pessimist-in-Chief Jerome Armstrong to post. ;)

    I'm hoping that we're starting to see the tide turn a bit now, and that going into the first debate we can see a slight Obama lead again.  The first debate holds immense opportunity and risk, being on foreign policy.  If Obama can look like he can hold his own against McCain in that debate, it should help him immensely.  If he stumbles a bit, we could be in serious trouble.

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    The frame is that McCain's "out of touch".

    The article mentions that Obama is going more negative, but still focusing on the issues (basically)...

    Contrast that to what McCain is doing, which is pure character attacks and playing victim.

    I don't know... the media seems to be getting fed up with all the McCain shit, so maybe if Obama keeps pushing through with "issue" stuff eventually it'll break through to voters whats going on.

    With that said, I have no idea if the "computer illiterate" approach is the right way to go... Perhaps the campaign has some internals showing that this targets the audience they need.

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    No video yet, but here it is... Attacking McCain's... computer illiteracy:

    http://ap.google.com/article/ALeqM5isOFw dbq0tsqatW6vJpkDRTI1gMgD93522DG1

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    I don't really watch much TV "news", but the sense I'm getting is that this is sort of the way it's being covered everywhere.  If that's the case, I think we can probably see some blowback from the phony outrage that they're trying to stir up.

  • Yeah, the "interview" sounds more like it's going to be a big multi-day puff-piece instead.  They'll add some aspect of the "controversy" that she's engaged in, but make her look like she's heroically beating the odds or something.  

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    Wait, you mean... the RNC resulted in independents swinging their votes?  You don't say...

    Yeah, it sucks... deal with it.  This is what conventions do.  McCain's gets to last a little longer because Obama doesn't get another convention to step on McCain's, as McCain's stepped on Obama.

    This should come back down to earth at some point, but it may take a bit.  Just the way it is...

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    Man... everyone complains that all the ads are too serious, and then one comes out that's unique and funny, while at the same time completely skewering, and everyone complains that it's "too serious"?

    Oh, and... ahem...

    http://www.openleft.com/showComment.do?c ommentId=91067


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