• Narcissistic Personality Disorder, good call.

    Isn't NPD part of the cluster B personality disorders? I think that this diagnosis is really close. I may even go a step further and say they have Antisocial Personality Disorder.

    Disregard for social obligations, lack of feeling for others, and impetuous violence. There is a gross disparity between behavior and social norms. Behavior is not readily modifiable with experience or punishment. They are often affectually cold, overly aggressive and irresponsible. They have a low tolerance to frustration and tend to blame others or offer plausible rationalizations for their behavior.

    This is just the info out of an old ICD-9-CM that I have lying around. Anyway, I'd hate to be the shrink that has to deal with the differential diagnostic criteria for personality disorders of these types. And you can't rule out Organic Brain Syndrome secondary to alcohol abuse.  

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    You don't have to hand deliver mine all the way to MN. Or dress in funny bows or have friends cook for me.

    But if you and kos could sit at the publishing company for a day (or two) and sign all of the 10,000 limited edition copies that will be sold out soon. Now that would be cool. Speaking for myself, of course, your views may vary.

  • So true. I must confess: I feel that my first reaction would be to try and dodge the draft too - I don't blame them for that.

    But to turn around and send troops into battle, knowing that you were too chicken to go yourself, is totally inexcusable.

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    In some political game. They show tremendous courage and deserve equal respect. This administration just does not get it.
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    Really had to rush this book to market. The window of opportunity to make a buck bashing Bill Clinton must be smaller than a postage stamp by now.

    My question is his motivation. Is this book a personal goal of his or were others pushing him to give the right more material to use against Democrats?

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    It's "Quid pro Blow" - a unique poltical activity used most often by Republicans.
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    Strickland was given bad advise and used it. What ever happened to calling someone and communicating your concerns? Well, like Marie says, the focus needs to be the republicans' culture of corruption. About Rod, those underhanded tricks will be a net loss for his cause.  
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    This is what the republicans are standing for right now in government.

    They rob from the poor and give to the rich.

    This is the focus for dems. And there are more instances to display for the American people.

    Halliburton, energy bill, coingate and so forth. All of this republican graft needs aired now so that '06 can be the end of republican control.

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    In case anyone has not noticed, the Republican Party wants Democrats destroyed. They will attempt to roll anything and everything over the Democrats. They want to see all democrats crushed under the wheels of the political juggernaut they have created.

    Democrats should make them fight like hell for every inch of ground. Inflame their base and point out their wrongdoing at every opportunity. Do not think that this is politics as usual. You be wrong.

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    I do not watch television. My wife and children do not watch TV. I know other families that do the same.

    I have broadband and computers in all of my childrens' rooms - networked together.

    I have already supplanted the MSM. Ride the wave of paradigm shift or be crushed by it.

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    I agree with NeoLiberal.
    Post this on Daily Kos.
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    Just helps to forge the union of:
    Republican = Greed Over Patriotism.

    This is the material that will be handy to throw come next election. Thank you! Excellent frame.

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    Is it all about money to win an election these days? i would like to think that this is not true. Am I stupid to even entertain this thought?
    I'm thinking that money, power and influence will become the conservative's backlash narrative.

    The frame of Republicans = corruption & greed can't be too far away from getting significant traction.

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    What motivates these elected officials and canidates to behave in such a way? Do they think that they are in desperate need of the financial backing of less that altruistic special interest groups?
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    Chris and yourself are on the same team.
    It does not matter who "started" it. What's important is that the good in people triumph over the bad in people. Just a thought.


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