An Inconsequential Cipher; The New Maggie Thatcher

Hear Tony Blankley, Newt Gingrich's former press secretary, call W's former press secretary Scott McClellan "an inconsequential cipher." Robert Scheer thinks Hillary is trying to be the new Margaret Thatcher. Matt Miller and Arianna Huffington say they want a leader who'll fight for the right to serve -- but just not Hillary. And remembering Sydney Pollack.

Tune in today at 2:30 or 7 pm Pacific time ( live stream or 89.9 FM broadcast), or pick up the podcast because it's really a lively discussion. The political universe is aflutter with the damning criticism of W's former press secretary in his "revealing" memoir about the Bush admin's deceptions in the lead-up to the Iraq war. Tony Blankley -- who was a press secretary himself, during the Newt Gingrich Contract with America years -- says he always thought McClellan was lightweight and incompetent. And he marvels at the bulk of Bush's terrible personnel hires -- excepting Karl Rove....calls many of the Bushmen "nincompoops." Worth comments quoting for the Bush-averse!

Arianna says Tony has a point and wonders what took McClellan so long? Bob Scheer says, he owed America the truth and chose not to give the public its due. He also says he thinks McClellan is going to be subpoenaed -- if what he says about Bush being aware of the deception involving Valerie Plame is true, then it's a criminal matter. Matt Miller mentions that Bob Dole has called McClellan a miserable creature who soaked up power and glory then cashed in with his critique.  Matt, a former Clinton White House employee, thinks that staffers should have to sign a disclaimer to wait till the Administration is out of office to level these kinds of charges.

Arianna and Tony, friends since her (former) Republican days, agree on McClellan for different reasons: Arianna likes what he says but she's dumping on him and the mainstream media for being enablers. And Tony criticized him while he was the press secretary and criticizes him now.

Hillary's last stand takes up the last half of the show. Bob challenges her supporters saying, shouldn't a woman be more oriented toward peace? Her husband's admin cut back welfare. He says she's trying to be Maggie Thatcher and wonders why women are supporting a reactionary. Tony says, what woman who came to power, wasn't as tough as the men who climbed the greasy pole? And Matt and Arianna WANT a candidate who'll fight for power -- they just don't want that to be Hillary. They both disdain Al Gore's handing over the Presidency without a fight. Bob blames Bill Clinton's bad behavior in office for Gore's not winning by a landslide.

Enjoy the rants, too...Matt remembers Sydney Pollack not just as a director of films with political themes but a thoughtful Democratic advisor.

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Inconsequential Cipher; Maggie Thatcher Redux

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