SC GOP Governor tells NAACP members to use their daddies' connections to get jobs

South Carolina has the second highest unemployment rate in the nation, and our Republican Gov. Mark Sanford told a room full of NAACP members that the remedy for overcoming unemployment and the pay gap between blacks and whites in the state is "the old fashioned way" -- using "connections." From the AP story:
When members of the NAACP asked Gov. Mark Sanford how the state should handle pay disparity problems between black and white workers, he talked about getting ahead the old-fashioned way."If you want to have greater opportunities, it's got to begin somewhere. And generally it begins with somebody knowing someone else," Sanford said Thursday night, eliciting grumbles in the crowd of about 70. ... During a discussion at the civil rights group's convention, Sanford was asked what he'd do in a second term to address pay gaps. ... "Let me answer it this way," Sanford said. "I've got this brother who got his first job in New York because my dad knew the guy that he ultimately went to work for." It wasn't anything sinister or evil, Sanford said. But because of that opportunity, his brother "worked for the company that traded penny stocks and ultimately that led to another opportunity down the road" and buying a company. "Then he spent seven years trying to basically pay off some debt on that company," Sanford said.

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Re: SC GOP Governor tells NAACP members to use the

Wow.  The cluelessness of privilege is astonishing.

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