The Most Ominous and Egregious of Stolen Elections

Dear Fellow Progressives:
For my more than half-century of living, I have witnessed distressful and emotionally trying elections.  Yet the 2004 presidential race was the last great battle for the soul of the United States Democracy.  Only a Kerry victory could have ensured the nation's survival.  The damage done by the unelected, Supreme Court-appointed, mindless child-man called George "Dubya" Bush in his corporate media unchallenged first four year "Reign of Terror" would of itself have required decades to curtail, much less undo.  His return to absolute power for another four years--though he lost, clearly, the most culturally and intellectually significant states in the union--New York, Illinois, California--and every other yet thinking state--leaves the United States as moribund as the last stages of the sinking former Soviet Union.  Heavily in debt, with overextended Middle Eastern wars, and a now anathema to nearly all other nations of the world, the United States perhaps, at best, has now more than a few years before it implodes, and like the former Soviet Union, is no more.

Kerry did not lose the 2004 election.  You at this progressive website have despaired that he has lost, but he did not.  I have ever made Warren, Ohio, my home.  Had you read the Walter Shapiro column in the USA TODAY on the eve of the election--in which he in fact properly forecast a Kerry victory--you would know that tens of thousands gathered in this city to comprehend that Kerry's visit was a harbinger of no less than an imminent Ohio success.  This state, ravaged by a quarter of a million job losses, on Tuesday gathered in force to toss out the child-man tyrant who dared call himself United States President.  No, evangelicals and Catholic instransigents could not have existed in any kind of numbers to offset the wrath of the jobless and their families and wider circle of friends.  

John Kerry's political pols knew, on election eve, that he had won Ohio, and so the presidency of the United States.  They knew it the following day, when initially they vowed not to concede until every vote had been counted.  They knew the numbers reported by the corporate-owned national press and Republican controlled state figures were very far off.  There was, indeed, widespread fraud (as there was again in Florida).  As in the days that would follow, in which counting would be slow and naturally problemmatic, the United States and indeed all the rest of the world would have learned of the fraud (and thus also, inevitably, of that in Florida).  

It was absolutely necessary to the Powers that Be, that Kerry concede expeditiously.  Like Al Gore before him four years earlier, legitimacy could only come for this unelected moronic child-man called Dubya if his adversary declared him the winner.  Gore did so, and the United States thereafter plummeted to its lower depths.  Kerry did so, and ensured the imminent collapse of the United States.  Both men foolishly assumed that they were conceding in the interests of uniting and moving forward.  In fact, they were sanctifying a fascist takeover, and engendering the very death knell to the United States itself.

Of course, having had no legitimacy, and bringing virtually no new states into their fascist alliance, it was now also necessary for their minions in the corporate media to somehow further sanctify this most truly divisive and thus hated of all United States presidents. (The Lincoln presidency brought enmity out of a battle for dominion--Lincoln himself did not polarize, inasmuch as any president of the Republic seen through then cessation Southern eyes would naturally have been perceived of as "the enemy.")  Thus, there came yet another, truly laughable, mantra--that Dubya was now "mandated," though as many of your MyDD analysts have pointed out--his presumed victory margin, both electorally and in assumed popular vote totals, was the worst for any United States president seeking a second term.

Now the corporate media propagandist arm of Dubya serves him with greater relish-this, the child-man who has ravaged his country, permanently divided its electorate, and isolated all the rest of the world.

But of course, MyDD and other such progressive websites are wrong.  Dubya did not prevail.  We in Ohio know that he did not prevail here.  He lost, and quite decisively here.  It remains for Michael Moore and others of his vigilance to enlighten us all as to how this greatest fraud was perpetrated, and reveal it Mr. Moore surely shall.  MyDD wonders why exit polls were antipodal to presumed official election results.  They were not antipodal.  Social conservatives did not en masse gather to offset more progressive metropolitans in this state.  It could not have occurred, not in so depressed a state as Ohio is in currently.  It never happened.  The tragedy is that poor MyDD bought into this scenario.  We in Ohio know that Kerry's forces carried him here, Election Day, November 2, 2004.  Yet some scenario had to be rendered to explain the discrepancy, when, of course, there really wasn't any.

Pity the poor corporate media, who by stealth of scenario can deliver to their straw child-man president, so little more than the 254 official electors rendered to Dubya's anathematized opponent.  Pity them that for all their efforts at legitimizing him, he is, at best, no more than the laughing stock of three-quarters of the globe, with a firm (in fact better than half) portion of the United States electorate loathing him and the very media which animates him.

Who truly has any faith in CNN, MSNBC, Fox, the "big three" corporate networks?  Who truly takes seriously the USA TODAY, which vacillates between reality ("Swing States Leaning to Kerry" on Election Eve; "Too Close to Call" just after the Election) and fantasy ("GWB Clear Mandate) two days later?  In their zeal to prop up of the "unproppable" straw man known as Dubya his propagandist minions are as sad and pathetic as comic book artists facing layoffs unless they can arrive at a better, even sillier, fantasy forthwith.

Dear, sad, friends at MyDD, if you consider yourselves first and foremost Citizens of the World then you are the victorious great majority of this globe when you deride and castigate all that is Dubya.  And you are (and have ever been) the true (in fact) majority of the United States itself when you do so within its borders.  Dubya was not elected to a first term; he did not win Ohio, and thus he did acquire a second term.

Please, do not follow the comic book artists who give GWB legitimacy.  The United States is now in inevitable, inexorable, decline.  It simply cannot survive another four years.  Take heart that as we all of us witness its final days, the electoral majorities here of both 2000 and 2004, we were not among those who saw the brushstrokes with which the corporate minions animated Dubya as anything more than the worst of the rag comic strips.




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