The Trojan Horse that is Palestinian "Right of Return"

Anyone remember the story of the Trojan Horse? The Greeks besieged Troy, and couldn't get in, so they built a horse, which was supposed to be a gift, out of which came dozens of enemy soldiers, who wanted to destroy Troy, and they tore down the whole place?

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Netanyahu's Coalition Comes out for Peace-Will Palestinians Accept Peace?

In a surprise even bigger than that of Likud PM Benjamin Netanyahu's endorsement of a Palestinian state in the West Bank (Judea and Samaria), his hardline coalition which comprises his government have come out for peace. Even right-wing FM Avigdor Lieberman, proposer of radical and harsh ideas like a loyalty oath for Israels have endorsed the Netanyahu peace plan:

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, the most powerful hard-liner in Netanyahu's government, said the prime minister's speech outlined "the balance between our aspirations for peace and the aspiration for security."

"Netanyahu opened the door to the Palestinians and the Arab nations to begin peace talks, and we hope the other side will take up the offer to renew negotiations," Lieberman said after the speech.

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Benjamin Netanyahu, peacemaker.

Benjamin Netanyahu, in a surprising turn of events after months of pressure from our President Barack Obama, today endorsed the creation of a Palestinian Arab state in the West Bank (Judea and Samaria), and urged the peace negotiations to begin. This coming after years of heartache and heartbreak over the peace process, from when Arafat rejected the 2000 offer from Prime Minister Ehud Barak, to the second intifada, the withdrawal of all Israelis from the Gaza Strip, which led to the Hamas takeover of Gaza (which could now be called the Islamic Republic of Hamastan), to the present day, and Netanyahu's earlier foot dragging on this issue.

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Netanyahu to Endorse Two-State Solution on Sunday

In a stunning reversal, under US pressure, after months of talking an "economic peace" and "triple prong track," according to Washington Times, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will endorse the creation of a Palestinian State in the West Bank(Judea and Samaria) according to "Israeli and American officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity." In his speech, Netanyahu will set his conditions on issues of the Palestinian state in relation to Israeli security. Among them will be

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Hezbollah loses in Lebanon

Great news for everyone interested in the Middle East peace process! In Lebanon during today's elections, terrorist group Hezbollah has lost, and the pro-Western coalition has won.

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Mubarak Slows Down Peace Process

Now I don't subscribe to Benjamin Netanyahu's policy of not yet endorsing a Palestinian state, and expanding settlements deep into Judea and Samaria, as the fact is, the Palestinians aren't leaving and they are likely to have more leverage with Palestinians Arabs having their own state.

However, Israel has already offered a Palestinian state, and what did it get in return? Nothing but jihad. Israel also withdrew everyone and everything from Gaza, and what did it get again? Why, good old trusty jihad! Now, I can understand some Israeli hesitance, given that the unilateral withdrawal was a complete failure, as Hamas not only won the election, but waged war on political opponents and turned the Gaza Strip into a lawless wild Mid-East, where terrorist groups constantly bombarded Israeli citizens with rockets and murder civilians, to the point of war this January.

I have said I support the two-state plan, and so does the Arab world, and the West. The Arab Plan is Arab recognition for withdrawal from territories won in 1967 (note: not ALL territories), Gaza and the West Bank as Palestine, removal of settlements that would otherwise be in the new state. However, the plan leaves open the question of refugees, who were largely evacuated by Arab leaders in order to fight the Jewish State, and have never been offered much by other Arab neighbors. Now, America and Israel realize that the right of return, given high Arab birth rates, would likely wipe out Israel's Jewish and Western character. However, Mubarak is playing games here:

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I/P conflict: two generations of double speak and lies

For years, people have been whining about Israel and how it deals with terrorism from Palestinian individuals and groups like Yasser Arafat, HAMAS and Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine. They complain that Israel kills civilians indiscriminately, tortures terrorists for information, is "apartheid," and wages wars against its neighbors and passes up peace deals. We've seen this insinuated and actually stated on the internet, media, especially foreign media, in the Islamic world, and in Europe, where media elites are too afraid to side with Israel, lest they offend their growing Muslim population or those guilty about what is happening to non-white poverty stricken people. Worst of all, now Hamas says it wants a state and a peace deal, but no actually peace, just a truce. Thankfully, Abbas will not be forming his new cabinet with them.

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Will Medvedev's purge of Putin's entourage help Ruso-US relations?

The creation of a list of allies dubbed the "Golden 100" signals Mr Medvedev's determination to assert his authority and build his own power base amid a growing split with his predecessor, who as prime minister has maintained a stranglehold on the Russian state.

Sources told The Sunday Telegraph that Mr Medvedev is poised to fire a raft of top officials, including regional governors appointed by Mr Putin, as the Kremlin seeks a scapegoat to ease growing public unrest over the country's devastated economy.

Mr Medvedev is then expected to pluck replacements from the Golden 100, capitalising on growing discontent to build his sway over Mr Putin's hand-picked government at the same time.

"He is trying to build his own basis of support," said Lilia Shevtsova, an analyst at Moscow's Carnegie Centre.

The 100 men and women included in the list, the first of 1,000 due to be recruited, mark a distinct break from the officials favoured by Mr Putin, a former KGB spy who filled his government with intelligence officers and allies from his native St Petersburg.

Mr Medvedev, on the other hand, has so far appointed few of his own people to power since taking over the presidency from Mr Putin a year ago. The few he has promoted have come from the law faculty at Leningrad State University, his alma mater.

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Geert Wilders: The Next Prime Minister of the Netherlands?

As many of you may know, Geert Wilders is a Dutch politician, and one who constantly speaks out against what he sees as the "dangers" of Islam. He has been issued a fatwah,been indicted in Jordan been banned in the UK, and is under 24/7 police protection. Recently, he has been doing the interview circuit, from O'Reilly, National Press Club, UAC, etc. he was even invited to speak to the Capitol by AZ Sen. Jon Kyl.

He has released a movie called "Fitna," in which he compares Islam to Nazism, but shows shocking footage of anti-Western bigotry. However, many fear that his tactics create more bigotry against the West, by fanning the flames of Islamic resentment against the West.

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Why Israel Fights: Part II

So more, with the results of the Israeli election, which will probably result in more Likud rule with Bibi Netanyahu at the helm, we're hearing more doom and gloom, that Israel is "not going to attempt peace," they will "continue their 'occupation'," etc. it is time to remind Israel why Israel fights HAMAS and the terror which they bring. However, HAMAS seems not to really want a truce with Israel, as it is having trouble releasing an Israeli soldier which they have taken hostage for the last 3 years:

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