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    between Clinton hatred and Israel hatred. While not always the case, I see that on these blogs, if you hate one, you probably hate the other. Coincidence? I think not

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    for sympathizers for Islamic terrorism, and hate for America/Israel, from people such as yourself.

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    are you an Arab or a Muslim? Just curious.

    and maybe, have you considered that some in the Democratic Party, the party of FDR, Truman, Kennedy, and Clinton are getting sick of the relentless hate for anything and everything America and Israel do? Overt support of Islamic terrorists who are NOT liberal, nor truly adhere to the real ideas of what the left should be, such as equal rights for women, minorities, gays, free speech, art, and so on?

  • or at least I'm sure some on the left-blogosphere will try to say. I'm sure MainStreet will come up with something like that.

    This shows that radical jihad is still dangerous, still evil, and must be defeated.

  • phenomenom out

  • skin color? Its blacks who are being killed in genocide by Islamists in Sudan. its radical Muslims who are the neofascists. I never said anything bad about Mexicans: I'm for allowing illegals pathways to citizenship and am against deporting them all. I don't hate Muslims as people. I just hate that radical Islam is a growing force in the Islamic world, and that European Muslims, who are offered everything on a silver platter, have been shown in polls to, in significant part, support anti-liberal policies, such as Sharia law

  • gays killed, alcohol and all drugs including marijuana banned, and other freedoms that "liberals" are supposed to support, then go ahead, and don't mind radical Islam's growth in Europe. Once Europe becomes a continent under Sharia law and the US all of a sudden has few to no allies in Europe, and enemies who want to bring about a caliphate and more war, I wonder what you'll be saying. I don't oppose radical Islam because I think Christianity is inherently better. Its not. The difference is the non-Muslim world is mostly secularized, the Islamic world is not yet.

  • people here and all over criticize Christianity. is there some reason Islam must be protected from criticism?

  • could come back, given that Islamist groups overtly call for its reestablishment, work towards its founding, and a poll of Muslim support for a new Caliphate is extremely high.

    It is absolutely not the same as protocols. Muslims are not the Jews, ever. How does radical Islam threaten our free way of life? Because radical leftists like you ignore that many Muslims hold views far to the right of us in the name of "tolerance," and their population is growing rapidly although their religious stays in the dark ages, for a lot of Muslims. This is mostly going on in Europe. But sorry, the fact terrorists and their fans want a caliphate is proven fact and possible.

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    he is making a smart move. This will put up a united front to the Palestinians and coerce Abbas to finally accept a deal, after he rejected the sweetheart one last year. Also, it will help put up a stronger from to Iran, who is building nukes for not only Israel's destruction, but for a New Islamic Order in the Middle East. Bibi is serious about peace, and now he is showing it. It was Kadima which unilaterally disengaged in Gaza, although the only fruits it bore were more rockets and terrorist jihad. But it was a serious gesture. Hamas will now know what they face should they engage in Islamic terror more.

  • threatens Western culture and the free world's existence, and forces millions of people into oppression and regression. Did you forget 9/11, 3/11, 7/7, the hundreds of thousands of blacks killed in Sudanese genocide, or the other countless people murdered by radical jihad? Did you miss that burqas are popping up all around Europe, anti-free speech laws there too, or terrorists attempting to get nukes?

  • the thing is both D'Souza and the blogosleftsphere both fail to really blame Islamists themselves for anything. While yes the US is imperfect, nearly all the culpability is in the sick Islamist ideology. And that is what must be blamed on the majority part.

    I mean, was the Treaty of Versailles an indirect cause of Nazism? Were the actions of American capitalist bankers part of why Germany's economic situation got to the point where Nazism got popular? The answer to both is yes. But most people blame the Nazis and ultimately the Germans themselves for Hitler. Islamists are not exceptions to responsibility.

    Radical Islam is not caused primarily by I/P. Jihadist acts occur in countries with no I/P involvement at all, or even in countries which overtly hate Israel. I'm talking the global movement.

  • and the answer doesn't make a difference to me, tho just wondering. Are you an Arab or a Muslim?

  • Muslim countries can do whatever they want without ultra-left criticism: they are eternally oppressed, altho Islam had massive empires until the Caliphate decided to get involved with European wars and enter on Austria/Germany's side in WWI. Islamic terrorism is OK: its only resistance to "imperialism," and this rule is an absolute to people like MainStreet.

  • like "ethnic cleansing." There is no ethnic cleansing, and if there is and has been going on since 1948 as you claim, it is sure as hell the damned slowest one in history, or one of the slowest. Not even Carter has resorted to using "ethinc cleansing." he can't even get his story straight regarding "apartheid" is Israel/Palestinian Territories.


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