• he's pandering to the Air America crowd, which is not the mainstream party, or mainstream America. I don't agree with Gingrich either.

    I side with Harry Reid on this issue. He's more in touch with America.

  • on a comment on The Fala Speech over 3 years ago

    he had to bail out the banks, because if they went under, so would the whole economy have gone under. I think he should have raised taxes on the rich and given the poor and middle class tax cuts earlier in his presidency. Waiting until now makes it a "tax hike" right before the election.

  • because not even in anti-Israel writings do I see that term used. It is JERUSALEM. Jews were there thousands of years before Muslims conquered it and built the dome of the rock and the Al-Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount to signify their victory.

    Oh...Al-Quds is the name the Ottomans used for the city, when it was part of the Caliphate. In the hadith is was called Bayt al-Maqdis.

    Also, this isn't about Israel, this Ground Zero Mosque debate. But its not a surprise Islamists like Rauf don't condemn Hamas, want to raise money from Iran, which is illegal here in America, and blames America for September 11.

  • opinion of way more friends, relatives, and family members of 9/11 victims, the polls show this.

  • a religion. The word "Christianity" is nowhere to be found in the US constitution. When we were rebuilding Iraq and Afghanistan, we proved, further than it was, that it was not a "holy war" on our part. Its just that some of you compare America to Radical Jihadists,, like Osama, Al-Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, when thats false, given the fact Afghanistan is an "Islamic Republic of Afghanistan," and that the Iraq constitution says Iraq is part of the Arab and Islamic nations.

  • "Islamophobic," because a MAJORITY of my party's voters think it shouldn't be at that location. They clearly don't see it as this as a freedom of religion issue, which it is not. 

  • I support amnesty for all illegals here now, finish the border fence, and oppose deporting illegals except for criminals. I am in shock that the GOP wants to change the 14th amendment, and find it ridiculous. Illegals do the jobs that Americans won't do.

    So am I still a "Republican?"

    Or do you hold it against me that a majority of Democrats, Republicans, and Indies oppose the Ground Zero Mosque?

  • Why shouldn't the view of the Democratic voters be expressed? Most of us are not extreme left-wing Israel hating America-blaming kooks, and we're not right wing Republicans either. The site says "Users who are excessively bashing the Democratic Party...will be banned." You're off to a good start, not only considering your I/P spam where you post on your own blogs, but you're bashing the position of most of the Dem party voters and calling us right wing Republicans. But then again, you're far to the left of the Dem party.

  • much of the money that the 9/11 attacks got is from Saudi nationals. The reason Saudi Arabia is the way it is is because in the 1800's, Wahabbism spread and took over much of the people's minds. The Saud family came to power and realized the only way to maintain legitimacy in the eyes of such a people is by kowtowing to their views, which is how they justify being so soft on terror. So yes, while the Saudi family and King Abdullah didn't personally finance, most of the private money came from there. But Al-Qaeda also has large donors in Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, the Palestinian Territories, Pakistan, etc.

  • which brought about 9/11, and poo-poos it. Sharia law was what the 9/11 hijackers and OBL explicitly said they wanted America to live under, as well as strengthen sharia in our Arab allies countries. Not every Muslim supports full sharia law, and many do condemn the evils of it. The Imam, however, has no problem with Sharia. And the Imam, who allows it to be questioned whether Muslims did commit 9/11, is trying to pretend as if Islam had nothing to do with the attack, which is bullshit. he then blamed us for 9/11 more than he did the terrorists. He's having it both ways.

  • a. were built before September 11

    b. therefore their location wasn't deliberate

    c. are not 13 stories tall

    d. the ideology of strip clubs wasn't what made anyone blow up the towers.

  • there are the actual terrorists, but I was referring also to the Islamists who give them money, or support their political causes, such as implementing Sharia at every facet of life either in their countries or outside their countries, or who support nuking Israel. People who actively aid the Taliban, or the people who gave aid to Chechen groups, morally, politically, financially. People who don't wanna believe there were Muslim individuals who did 9/11, or people who think that their act was legitimate.

    I have said before, and I'll say again: not all Muslims are terrorists, but almost all the world's terrorists are Muslims.

    In regard to other faiths: how many Christian groups go around the world blowing up buidings, etc. for Jesus? and don't tell me Iraq, because we're not trying to mass convert them, hell we allowed Islam to be in their constitution. Also, how many churches has the US government built in Iraq/Afghanistan? NONE.

    This IS an emotional issue, for the families of 9/11 victims.

  • also, how about the 15 thousand Islamic terrorist attacks all around the world since 9/11, where the perpetrators had the same ideology as the 9/11 attackers? The same ideology which seeks as large a society as possible, thru conversion and murder of non believers, under Sharia law with regards to all personal matters! The motives of the mosque, given the Imam's radical views, are in bad faith. That is a punch in the face to all 9/11 families. Its not Islam per se which is the problem, but how people like the 9/11 hijackers, their supporters (which are millions), and other Islamists practice Islam that is the problem with this mosque.

  • I explicitly said they have the right to build and worship in it, as do most of the American people, as expressed in the poll I cited.

    However, to the victims' family members, given the radical views of the Imam, which represent the ideology of the terrorists, its not hard to see why they would be bothered buiding that kind of mosque purposely near where 3000 died.. Thousands died, which means hundreds of thousands of people are family members, friends, or relatives of 9/11 victims. Telling the victims, as you have, that only 19 people out of 1 billion actively carried the act out doesn't change the fact that these people are never coming back. Plus, thousands of people, by money or shelter, gave aid, comfort, funding, and shelter to the terrorists. No one said, EVER, that all Muslims are terrorist, or that 1 billion Muslims supported the attacks. This is not about that.

    I, and millions of other Americans, simply feel that the planners should build elsewhere.

  • and their ideology, which is Islamism? What is Islamism based off and seeks to do? Rauf's comments and non-comments on Sharia, which has everything to do with Islam?


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