• I assure you she will do that on saturday. Also, the "as far as I know" was only said because she was pressed on the question forever, as if there was some secret from 60 Minutes

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  • because seeing as he is campaigning on civil liberties and the war in Iraq, on which he is liberal, along with drugs and other Libertarian platform parts, he may actually pull some Obama votes if people start thinking its over and Obama is going to win anyway. He actually get former Hillary Clinton votes who forgot the Barr and the impeachment and are still angry. Also, this is bad because this could be a close election too, where every vote counts. That is not to say that he will get some conservative votes. But lets look at the last time a third party candidate got from both sides, which was in 1992 with Ross Perot. 38 percent of his voters woulda went to Bush, 38 to Clinton, and the rest would have either voted another candidate or stayed home. But this reduced Clinton's winning percentage to 43, as Bush got 37. This, however did not help his mandate, because while he won by 5.8, he didn't get the all-important absolute majority, which made him suceptible to the lie of Perot spoiling only Bush, which made him look less "legitimiate" and had a MUCH harder time getting things thru. If such a fate befalls Obama, it could be the opening the GOP needs to nab him politically. Bob Barr's prescence in the race is not something we truly want.

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    honestly that is the funniest internet video I have ever seen in a long time. Its almost as if MCCain wants to lose. They'd have been better off nominating Mitt Romney. He's usually not this bad tho, he was good earlier in the campaign, and at the GOP Convention in 2004. He will still be tough tho

  • which Hillary needs to do with issues like health care, abortion, the court, the war, and more.

  • I mean as in speak to her supporters with the same passion Romney appears to be doing, of course not saying the same things, but in a similar passionate way that energizes her supporters.

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    1. stop calling the Clintons "racists" because they've worked damn hard for the African American community during their term in the White House, around the world with the Clinton Foundation, and in the Senate. When Clinton called Obama an elitist, she was not calling him "uppity" or anything of the sort. Her 3 am ad was not meant to be racist. Also, with the "white americans" remark, she was just saying how Dems in the party were voting more for her after the Wright scandal.

    2. never, EVER reference Clinton "scandals" like Whitewater, Monica, the "blue dress," cigar jokes, calling him a rapist like some of the people here, insinuating things like Vince Foster, the RFK flap, etc. The Clintons were cleared on ALL Of the '90's "scandals" multiple times to the tune of millions of dollars.

    3. Show some respect for the Clinton political legacy. Before Bill Clinton's election in 1992, we used to average 113 electoral votes in the 6 elections before 1992. He not only won 370 twice, but even with the losers after his two elections, we averaged 260. That is a marked improvement. Bill brought us many states we used to lose, like CA, IL, MI, PA, NJ, ME, VT, CT, DE, MD, all of which add to over 140 electoral votes, which we always win these days. This is in part because he neutralized race baiting issues like welfare and crime, which bopped us over the head in 1968, 1972, 1980, 1984, and 1988. Also, stop blaming the Clintons for losing Congress so exclusively. There were many other factors, like Congressional Dem scandals and the Reagan Revolution. Not to mention the horrendous treatment they got from the media.
    Also, don't spout the myth that Ross Perot had anything to do with elected Clinton. The exit polls from both  1992 and 1996 show that the pro-choice pro-gay anti-NAFTA that Bill Clinton absolutely would have been elected if Perot were not in the race. This is further backed up by the fact that before Perot re-entered, Bush kept polling} exactly where he got in November: 37% while Bill was on his way to a huge majority, and a [http://polmeth.wustl.edu/retrieve.php?id =192 study from Ohio State in 1999 show that Clinton would have won landslides TWICE if Perot had never run.

    4. stop scandal mongering where there is no scandals. Examples include the legal deals he did in Kazakstan and with Ron Burkle, where there is nothing illegal, where faux outrage is used to smear the Clintons. I'll make the deal, and I hope other Clintonites will, to never bring up Rezko to attack Obama if you don't mention these bs non-scandals.

  • stop calling our candidate and heroes racist or implying it. you are citing a hit piece on the Huffington Post, where Ariana lets people bash the Clintons for the hate she has inside for all those years ago. I don't care what that loser says.

  • the "white Americans" comment was NOT racist. It was at least truthist. No candidate will win without a decent portion of white voters. 41 percent in a two way contest like John Kerry got against Bush's 58 percent is UNACCEPTABLE. Obama, after Wright broke, kept getting killed with white voters. Hillary merely made a a point. The "hard working americans" came before a comma, when she said "white Americans" which means there is no link between "hard working" and "white" like you people make it out to be. Not to mention, both Dems who won in the past 40 years, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter both came within 5 points of the winning the white vote. Geraldine Ferraro's comment was ill-timed, but if Barack were a white guy, he'd be just another freshman senator. But time for argument over that is over.

  • to have votes counted as write in, you must declare yourself a write in. Barack Obama didn't do that AND he took his name off the ballot. He clearly told Michigan "I don't want your votes"

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    absolutely. he MUST denounce all the "racism" remarks. The Clintons are no racists. He must make it very clear, and hell POST it on the Daily Kos.

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    and part of any deal should be Obama, to go on the Daily Kos, write a column that is highly positive and praising of the Clintons. Tell them to stop throwing names and rumors and bs scandals around. Second, tell every black pastor to never EVER smear the Clintons the way they did in this campaign. Make sure every Jeremiah Wright and Pfleger shut their mouths about them.

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    Chris Matthews doubted she could be Obama's running mate no matter what she said Tuesday night, because for him the question is: "Can she obey? Can she accept the subservience?"
    not only is that wrong to ask of anyone, can you imagine the reaction if he were talking about Obama?


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