Coalition Forces Discover $1,000,000,000,000 in Lithium and Other Minerals in Afghanistan

Although Afghanistan has been the target of colonization campaigns from the British to the Soviets, few ever thought they actually had any natural resources. Until now.

The United States has discovered nearly $1 trillion in untapped mineral deposits in Afghanistan, far beyond any previously known reserves and enough to fundamentally alter the Afghan economy and perhaps the Afghan war itself, according to senior American government officials.

The previously unknown deposits — including huge veins of iron, copper, cobalt, gold and critical industrial metals like lithium — are so big and include so many minerals that are essential to modern industry that Afghanistan could eventually be transformed into one of the most important mining centers in the world, the United States officials believe.

An internal Pentagon memo, for example, states that Afghanistan could become the “Saudi Arabia of lithium,” a key raw material in the manufacture of batteries for laptops and BlackBerrys.


How does this relate to the war? Well for one it has the potential to perhaps render Afghanistan into an economy beyond opium. This could perhaps bring about a society which can be centered around a civil society. But then again, it could lead the Taliban to fight harder, and maybe get more support, as they could try to call the US liberation campaign a true colonial war in the mold of Europe. They have found Russian charts which depict possible mineral deposits, which might explain why Russia wanted to turn Afghanistan into the Afghan SSR back in the 1979-1989. However, the US could use it as leverage to help get Afghan administrators in line, or it could be used the other way. Lets pray to God that the Taliban can't get control of this, start mineral wars, nor does this start any wars with its neighbors, or bring Pakistan Taliban into the fold even more.



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