The Money Race for the White House

The race for the White House is years away; however, the money race is starting off red hot as Hillary Clinton leads the race, but that could because she had a race this fall. There are some surprising numbers in the latest campaign finance reports as many candidates for the 2008 Democratic Nomination are constructing an impressive warchest.

The Leaderboard:

  1. Hillary Clinton     : 17.1
  2. John Kerry          : 10.0
  3. Evan Bayh          :  9.5
  4. Joe Biden           :  2.5
  5. Chris Dodd         :  2.0
  6. Tom Vilsack        :  1.6
  7. Russ Feingold      :  0.794
**Cannot find numbers for Mark Warner.

I'm really shocked about Russ Feingold low fundraising with less than a million dollars and that's with the backing of the internet establishment. Maybe the numbers will go up as the Internet Bloc has shown that it can be a fundraising force--Howard Dean?

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Re: Mark Warner

Warner's fundraising effort is Forward Together PAC.  This PAC's first major fundraiser was held this past December.  Not bad so far... srs/?_06+C00412791


by Bill Felmlee 2006-02-02 07:34PM | 0 recs


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