Sen. Harry Reid Supports Blogosphere Day

I just got this statement in on Senate Majority Harry Reid's support of the 4th Annual Blogosphere Day!

I am immensely proud that 17 of my Senate colleagues have joined me in using ActBlue to build our Democratic majority, and I expect many more to do so this election cycle.

Blogosphere Day celebrates the greatest aspiration of our democracy: people coming together to change the direction of their country.  By enabling Democrats from all walks of life to work together, to pool their passion and energy, and to elect candidates who represent their values, ActBlue has created a unique strategic advantage for the Democratic Party.

Your investment in ActBlue builds resources for our best candidates, our best activists, and our best ideas -- and your contribution today makes the biggest difference as we pave the road to November 2008.

Please support ActBlue today.

For more background on to the value of ActBlue check out the linked articles or today's round-up of activity.

Update: Sen. John Kerry is blogging at Firedoglake about Blogosphere Day!

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