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    I'm an old white man and I disagree with your disagreementr over Obama's calling the police action "stupid."  If it wasn't stupid, what the heck would you call cuffing and roughing up and old man who just returned from a long trip INTO HIS VERY OWN HOUSE!!!!!


    Is anybody in Left Blogistan listening?!!!

    Obama's comments cut right to the heart of the matter: too often in this country cops act like hired goons who play god with the very people they are supposed to protect.  Like I said, I'm an old white guy who has on more than one occaision found police officers to be rude, accusatory, and unable to listen and formulate an opinion based on facts rather than pre-determinant profiling.

    Case in point: Many years ago, I had a custody battle for my kids (yeah, unbelieveably, I won). That didn't stop my ex from calling the cops on me virtutally every night.  Guess what?  No matter the facts, the written court orders, the judges' decrees, the police continued to treat me like the  abusive husband wearing his wife beater tee shirt while swigging his beer.  Twice, my litle town has changed chiefs of police.  Twice, I had to go to them and show them the documentation to make their commando-like police force behave.

    Driving while black or brown or young or poor is still a punishable offense in most of America.  I say Obama didn't go far enough.  He should have called for the Cambridge policeman and all like him to be summarily fired.  Let them cry all the way to the Robertscalioto court for their rights if they want to.  I'm not listening to boorish white thugs anymore.

    Speaking only for myself, whether you like it or not...

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    I used to listen to Ed in about 2006 when a progressive voice was a breath of fresh air on the radio.  I even called him and talked to him at length.  However, as 2008 approached, it was obvious he was way over his head on anything that didn't happen in South Dakota. He shilled horribly for the Farm bills and never saw a government handout to the farmers he didn't like.

    I can understand his playing to the local "crowds" listening to him in the Black Hills, but his efforts to become an Obama talking point, coupled with the horrible things he said about Hillary and Bill Clinton (where do these "progressive commentators" get off on putting down the eight great years of Bubba?) have made him a "MUST NOT SEE TV" for me starting next week.

  • So, am I reading this right?  Virginia and North Carolina will make up for Barry losing Ohio and Florida?  Is this your conjecture?  Are you serious?

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    And here I thought Obama Singer was off to greener pastures... oh well...

    Here's the larger MSM meme, in case you are wondering (or if you are a non-Kool-Aid drinker):
    Build Obama up now in the polls and then drop him into a dogfight that he'll lose.  

    Unfortunately, the big story this fall will be the McCain resurgence.  Feel the buzz.

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    Alaska, Georgia, Montana -- Is he nuts?

    I guess if you are literally bathing in dough, which the Obama campaign delightfully likes to tell us they are, its okay to squander money on "feel good" projects like "I hope that helps that Democratic Sheriff in Anchorage win!"

    But, if Obama loses the national election, it will be decisions like these that will be seriously questioned.

    I've been in television and advertising all of my life.  You simply do not squander money in places where you can't compete.  This is an insane move.

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    Go Chuck!  Do what the DNC and the Big Media really want!  Go Chuck!

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    Wow!  The love.  This is so super!

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    BO won't win Ohio.  That should seal his and the Dems fate.  


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    All you want to know about where Todd Beaton's comung from:

    "ABC News is reporting what I hoped would happen: Hillary Clinton will "cede the nomination to Barack Obama" on Friday."

    WWTBQ?  Indeed!

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    It would work, but Barry will get buried in this kind of free-for-all debate.  At the end of the primary season, he couldn't even handle Clinton.  

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    Wait...shoudln't Jonathan Singer be breaking this...oh, wait, yeah,oh, okay, now I get it.

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    Obama won't pick Clinton and it's just as well.  There will need to be someone of a national stature left standing after this fiasco-in-the-making goes by the boards.

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    Fat "Eddie" is a minor leagfuer at best when it comes to talk radio.  Perhaps that's an indictment against all liberal-minded media:  We just can't seem to find someone to host a national radio show who is engaging, interesting, informed, and entertaining.  Add to the mix Randi Rhodes and all the Air America stiffs and it's no wonder why liberals can't convince anyone to join their side in the fray.  We just don't communicate very well.

    And this from a communications major, no less....

    Someone please nail the guy who affixed the blue box on this thread.

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    The rules are undemocratic, but she has no basis to complain...  Say what?  Don't give me the "that's the way the game this year is gonna be played" drivel.  It needs to be fair.  I don't care what MSNBC, Drudge, and Michelle Obama think, if Hillary wins the vote, she ought to be the nominee.

    That's what we call a democracy.... remember?

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    Let's see... A bunch of cattle ranchers and would-be cowboys who will vote lock step Republican again this November say they like BO a lot.

    Ohhh boy.  That Markos is one sharp operator.


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