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    Perhaps the easiest way to fix the
    Lieberman problemn is to amend the caucus rules ---- No Senator who leaves the party and runs as an independent will retain his original seniority but instead his seniority will run from the date he rejoins the caucus.

    this would move Lieberman as teh least senior member of the Democratic caucus fro the freshman Senate Class of 2006.

    Lets mince words.  Joe we didn't take away your chairmanship --- you simply lacked the seniority to be the committee's chair

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    Lets see

    November 5, Reid tells Lieberman that he's toast and they refuse to seat him with the Democrats

    The GOP is going to let a socially very liberal Senator with seniority rights sit with them

    Especially when he has helped doom the GOP  presidential ticket

    Especially when the very candidates he campaigned against as an Independent Democrat are going to literally tell the Senate Democratic Leadership that this guy cost them money votes and without him they would have been up by 5 points or more and that they intend to block any legisation or amendments with Lieberman's name on it

    I've had suicidal mentally deranged clients (I'am a crimianl defense attorney) with a better sesne of rational behavior than this guy

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    This is the same John Warner, who after it was clear that the Bork nomination was doomed and the bulk of his constituents had written and called to support Bork, voted against Bork.  He was the only Southern Republican to do so.

    The guy has been known to go his own way

  • This is your name, you married serious money and you think a guy raised by a single mother who earned everything he got is an elitist.

    Good luck at the next rationalizers anonymous meeting.

    Hillary- take this b*tch down

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    Uh....with little or no political news, except for the convention in August's last week, Obama raised the equivalent of $2 million plus a day.  

    McCain's camp cannot be happy ---- yeah Obama's got some problems --- but really.  McCain is larded with lobbyists and the GOP Money brand  and and the RNC is going crazy trying to keep up financially with Obama.

    Money rules in politics and the GOP has virtually owned the money for 36 or the past 40 years (the money went left in 1974, 1976, 1992 and 1986).  Of course, the money was always a top down affair.  Obama has made a campaign on the cheap from the bottom up.  What does he have now, 3 million supporters?  This guy is shaking up a system that assumed that little people did not count.

    Assuming that McCain prevails ---- the GOP will have a strengthened Democratic House, 3-5 fewer GOP Senators (including a de-committeed Lieberman --- yeah they are going to toss him off all comittees), increased numbers in state legislatures.  Given the Gubernatorial results in 2006 --- its a very ugly landscape for the GOP.  

    And should be lose the White House, we ought to screw the GOP from coast to coast from border to border sparing no effort to defang, to declaw and neuter the GOP.  And when they look at us with that how can you do taht to us, we were partisans but friends and patriots look, we say


    Take heart, we've got the money, guys,that is most of the battle

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    Attention ----

    You get to 270 electoral votes by winning the most votes in individual states and those states caste votes based upon the number of members of the House representing the state in the House of Reps plus two votes for the Senate.

    If you lead in the national polls, you could still get crushed electorally.  It could could leading in national polls by 2% and get crushed electorally.  You could be 10 points down and still win in the electoral votes.

    Now, its been conceded that Obama leads in state  polls getting him to 260 electoral votes, its also been conceded that McCain leads in state polls that get him 179 electoral votes.  There are 99 electoral votes which the polls are close enough and within the margin of error.

    This situation has not changed for two weeks.  National Polls have not moved this number in any direction.  McCain's bounce has not improved his position in California, New England, the Atlantic States, Illinois, Wisconsin, or Iowa.  Obama's bounce did not put him in position to win the Gulf States, Texas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Idaho, Utah or Wyoming.

    Stop the bit*hing whining anxiety ridden rants, STATES COUNT.  WORRY ABOUT HOW OBAMA IS DOING IN STATES.




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    I remember a race a while ---- the Democrat ahead by more tha a dozen points and had punted his plan to campaign, had no state strategies, and looked like a jackass when Ted Koppel told him in September that the Republican had locked up enough states to secure an electoral victory

    Folks ---- national polls and daily tracking is a complete and utter waste ---- Have we secured Kerry's blue states, do we have enough states in play with enough electoral votes to give Obama options for winning the White House, and are there enough Bush States in danger of being in won by Obama to keep McCain off its game?

    The Blue States do look good ---- but we've got to make sure those states are a lock.  

    There are about 100 electoral votes in play right now ---- building a voter registration edge there is key.

    Do everything possible to keep the pressure on in Red States will keep McCain in check.

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    Just a perspective regarding USNA graduates in the early 1970s

    Antistipes experience and the class ranking methodolody has not changed one iota.

    One of my collegaues (a lawyer and a 1972 grad) told me succinctly:  "There is a reason why those in the bottom fifth graduate, its the same reason dumb-fu*k nephews become corporate VPs."

    Just an aside, while the Anchorman might seem like a cool prize, remember no one in the bottom third ever sees real command, coveted assignments or any responsibility whatsoever.  These guys are ground out of the Navy pretty quickly.

    Of course sometimes, a guy becomes a pilot and crashes 5 planes costing the Navy more than  $120 milion in taxpayer money.

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    Blogging from Delaware County, PA

    I work in one of Pennsylvania's most strident working class union GOP strongholds.  

    To me, the weirdest part of John McCain's speech is what he did not mention about being a POW

    Coming back to Hawaii(I was a kid and my family was there to greet him --- in fact my Mother was friends with his first wife and asked to be there for her while McCain was beinf returned from Hanoi) amid cheers --- getting to the mainland amid jeers

    Huge transitional problems.  McCain would know more about them but he refused to retire from  military service and insisting on staying in the Navy to get full benefits.

    His drinking and carousing and general scary ass sh*t while he was Navy Liaison in DC was the stuff of legend (it helps to have a family business where your Dad and Grandad were both Navy Admirals) ---- compare that to POWs I knew who got arrested for drugs, assault, PTSD type behavior and were largely dumped on by the system and given little more than a shrug from the communities where they lived.

    It also helps that once you are elected --- no one mentions teh fact that you regularly show signs of PTSD, that you had panic attacks while in the House and Senate and that despite being told like 500 times not to --- you kept attempting to start fires in your Senate Office Fireplace.

    It seems if you want the courageous label for being a POW --- you must accept teh scarred individual tage as well ---- I've met a lot of POWs over the years --- they are all messed up in the head

    Maybe the MSM will do a story

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    The GOP Noise Machine

    Find a flaw, mistake, error, mistatement, etc.

    Call it a nail

    Hammer it until, its under the veneer of the wood and the board has been abused beyond recgnition.

    Repeat until the board breaks.

    FREE ADVICE: This strategy has worked in 1968, 1980, 1984, 1988, 2000 and 2004

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    Folks ---- Palin is going to drop out and soon.

    The message on the Left Blogosphere needs to be the poor decision making by McCain ---- he picked someone who was never vetted and every shoe that drops is now coming from outside the campaign

    McCain's poor decision making and Palin's complete lack of experience, ethics, and common only reasons why McCain cannot be trusted

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    an DUI arrest and even conviction is BS

    They are based on flimsy evidence that MADD has demanded state legislatures implement into law to fight a war on alcohol (no, MADD stopped fighting driving under the inflkuence in the late 80s.

    I'm not impressed and its time to fight the GOP VP nominee with something tactile like her lack of understanding of governmental ethics, knowing that the AK National Guard sends troops to Iraq and elsewhere and die as a result, that spending money like a drunken sailor on earmarks that you gripe about publicy is about as two faced as you can get, etc. etc, etc.....

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    I personally apologize

    I apologize that a women who claims to be pro-life

    A. does not go to a hospital when she's leaking amniotic fluid

    B. "chooses" to give a speech rather than see to the "life" of her unborn child

    C. gets on a plane that delays getting critical medical attention for hours and hours

    D. gets on a plane despite the fact that there are exceptional hospitals nearby

    E. makes decisions A through E in the face of a medical history that includes difficult deliveries and children who are born with special needs

    I am sorry but if pro-life means anything Sarah Palin in the epitome of the opposite.  She's selfish, self-centered, puts her career before her own child, and makes dozens and dozens of decisions on the date she delivers that put her child's life and health at risk.

    As a Roman Catholic, I have gotten decidedly angry about defending my pro-choice stand.  I have a lot of respect for people who are pro-life but will not countenance someone claiming they are pro-life but acting in utter disregard of their baby.  Whether its smoking while pregnant, ignoring medical advice (like "don't travel, Sarah, you're over 40, you've given birth to a special needs child already", taking drugs, etc. it is not a decision you get to make if you are pro-life --- in fact its downright irresponsible!

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    Its is not the trruest voice but the loudest voice that gets believed

    Sitting back on Pailn makes no sense --- driving up her negatives is the best strategy right now.  The worse she sounds the worse McCain will be perceived

    Hurricane Gustav, sadly, is taking a lot of wind out of the GOP convention.  

    The more we drive the negatives (as opposed to the Obama Biden campaign), the better the De,mocratic ticket will do

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    The solution is simple.  Punish sates for political opportunism and stupidity.

    All primaries and caucus before the firts Tuesday in February have their delegate totals reduced by 50%.  You get a 200% bump in delegates for having a primary/caucus after March 15 and you get a 400% bump in delegates for doing so after May 1.

    I did not mind MI wanting to move its primary although I think Florida got skunked by a GOP run Legislature and statehouse.  If Michigan issues are so important --- think about the cost of being first ---- why screw yourself out of being counted until after the race is over.


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