Hey a guy who's resume as a gubernatorial candidate is 1 page long

how can any reasonably intelligent person be surprised by this.  W's appointed two people who's judicial experience comes down to CJ Roberts 1 year on the DC Court of Appeals

Anything Roberts or potentially Miers does on SCOTUS that recedes from the Right's legal agenda will be met with anger,accusations of incompetence and perjured Judiciary Committee testimony.

Miers might be beatable (and Roberts might also have been beatable) on their collective  lack of judicial experience.  Its time to play the "Earl Warren" card.

CJ  Warren served as a hard nosed California prosecutor for more than 20 years (the last 4 were as CA AG).   The last two CJ of SCOTUS had 13 years (Burger) and 14 years (Rehnquist) were known entities, neither CJ Roberts nor SCOTUS nominee Miers is.  The Dems can point out every policy failure and tie it to lack of experience (e.g. FEMA's Brown -check out the last issue of Time -- article on several others).

It would be interesting if the pre-hearing Buzz on Miers came down to a review of the last SCOTUS Justices were had no judicial experience.  On the Right, we have Rehnquist (nope never a judge) and Whizzer White.  On the Left, we have Frankfurter, Black (famed former KKK member), Douglas, Goldberg, Fortas and T. Marshall.  Maybe the Republicans in the Senate will grouse about this more than the Dems.  

In any event, the Democrats need to oppose this Bush Admin. Blank Slate approach for appointments and filibuster for a better nominee.  We may (and probably will) lose but in this zero sum game, its better to oppose the nominee and be pleasantly surprised than to support a nominee and have to defend voting for someone without srong judicail credentials who undoes decades of progress with bad legal decisions.

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