Hillary should have focused on governability, not electability

 One of Hillary Clinton's and her supporters mistakes in the primary was their focus on electability.  Hillary probably would have only done slightly better than Obama in the general election and it was never a very good argument to make in 2008.



Instead, Hillary should have focused on the fact that she knew the ways of Washington and once elected, she would be able to deal with the Republicans, unlike Obama.

She should have repeatedly argued that she had to deal with Republicans as First Lady for eight years and would be able to deal with them again once in the White House. 

Its sad that because Hillary's campaign focused on the wrong message, Democrats got stuck with Obama as President.

Not nominating Hillary Clinton in 2008 was the biggest mistake the Democratic party ever made. 

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Its not Hillary's fault

The ultimate problem is kos can't navigate reality.

This was all clearly visible prior to the election.


Obama's coalition wanted different things and thought that change meant that they would all get their own dream of change.  They were not loyal to Obama the individual.  Or the Obama agenda.  Who here voted for substantial increases in taxes to support the shift of wealth to the poor?  Who voted for the subsequent job losses when businesses refused to hire when facing said taxes?  Both sides thought he actually knew some magical way to get one without the other.  It was liberal magic thinking.


Contrast the Clinton team, we all know there is no one better than Hillary/Bill for dealing with bad situations like our current one.  If I am on a sinking ship with Bill and Hillary at the helm I want Bill and Hillary to remain at the helm because I know they are the best captains.  


Contrast our current sinking ship with Obama.  His most faithful supporters are really starting to question if he know what he is doing.  Largely because like Bush he really wasn't qualified for the position.  He had a mentor that made sure he was successful in Chicago and basically handed him his resume.


But back to kos and friends.  They honestly deluded themselves into thinking that Obama is a higher form of intelligence and anyone who questions that has sinister motives.  There was no way Hillary could say look this guy is incompetent  without kos saying look she things he is incompetent because he is black.


The liberal wing did this.  Carter 2.0


Remember it for the rest of your life.

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Actually, Hillary DID focus on Obama's lack of qualifications,

it's just that nobody was listening. What do you think the "3 AM Phone Call" ad was all about? Her team tried to create the narrative that Obama was untested, and not ready or qualified to be President. And when they tried telling that to the knee-jerk left wing of the Democratic Party, the response that came back was essentially, "Don't confuse us with the facts...just give us our hope and change!"

The best way to keep this calamity from happening again is to get states that currently do caucuses/conventions to change over to primaries. Caucuses cater to a small intellectual elite that are often on the fringe of party members. And primaries---where polls are open from 10-12 hours depending on the state---allow more people to come out and participate in the nominating process.

Hillary slaughtered Obama in most of the primary states, but couldn't overcome a lead he built up in caucuses that favor the elites.


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Really sad

I was just thinking about this today.  The choice seemed to be whether we wanted Obama 2008 / Hillary 2016 or Hillary 2008 and Obama 2016.  Now we may not even get a Dem elected in 2012 because of the stupid economy and Obama's right-wing coddling positions.  Maybe he would have known better than to coddle right-wingers had he been allowed 8 more years to mature.  But whatever - "the fierce urgency of now" was his excuse for running.  Doesn't seem to have much urgency these days to help avoid a November butt-whooping.  Oh well...

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She did

then she was called a racist.



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