Democrats have to pass healthcare

 Democrats simply do not have a choice.  Healthcare must be passed if it is the only thing Democrats do for the rest of the year.  If nothing passes, we will be dealing with another generation of conservative rule that will likely finish the job in tearing down the New Deal and the Great Society. 


The party has been playing footsy with voters for over 60 years on this issue and to have it die again would be the last straw.

Barack Obama needs to start showing some god damned leadership. He needs to make it clear that Democrats cannot break their Easter deadline as they did their summer recess dealine, the Halloween deadline, the Thanksgiving deadline, the Christmas deadline, and then the State of the Union deadline.  If this deadline is about to be broken, he cannot do his usual "uh, uh, uh, uh, thats OK" routine.  He has got to tell them that they dont have a choice.  Either finish it or get sent into the meat grinder.

If this fails, this President will be a complete waste of time.  When Bill Clinton failed on healthcare, he had other big accomplishments to point to like an historic crime bill, NAFTA, and a hugely progressive economic bill that raised taxes on the rich.  Obama has had nothing but a poorly designed stimulus.  If this fails, not only will Democrats not have anything to run on in 2010, but Obama wont have anything to run on in 2012.  He will be a do nothing President.

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