Barack Obama is the Democratic version of Herbert Hoover

 Many had hoped Obama would become another FDR, but that's not how it has worked out.

Instead he has become the Democratic version of Herbert Hoover. 



Herbert Hoover came into office at the early stages of the Great Depression and was unable to turn the economy around. 

Barack Obama is following the exact same path as Herbert Hoover.

With his awful economic record, Herbert Hoover helped shut Republicans out of national politics for almost 50 years with his horrible record on the economy.

Barack Obama is likely to do to the Democrats what Hoover did to the Republicans for a half century.

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Thats not reality . He has been average on the economy , some successes , some failures..He has probably done as best as he could with the hands he was given..

by lori 2010-10-06 09:25PM | 0 recs


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