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    I've been wondering if there's something Congress can do regarding Justice Department funding as a way of trying to minimize the damage the the Bushies can do while they try to run out the clock.

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    I found the awareness-raising/advocacy material, like Use It or Lose It and the Net Neutrality series, to be the greatest contributor to the larger cause. I did enjoy the forecasts as sort of a guilty pleasure, and I used ActBlue several times.

    You've already begun what I'd like to see happen next, at least peripherally. I would love to see the netroots grab onto New Orleans make it our cause. It's so hard to keep focus on a crisis that's been ongoing for so long, but if we can muster the political will, maybe we can really make some good happen down there.

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    I really wish I had some handle as to whether anyone, anywhere really cares what the MSM says. Maybe the Bush administration has given us the gift of "We care what you do, not what you or anyone else says about it."


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