• Primarying Biden could send just the signal we want.

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    I want me some union. Should be the rallying cry. The public sector unions have the sweatheart deal of not falling as far behind as the rest of the American workers. The truth we set us free if and only if we can get this message out,

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    the importance either. We are not in a posistion to judge just what role they actually played. But I'm pretty sure the played a role. Extrapalating from what the Web did for the Dean and Draft Clark campaigns just the fact of interenet trafffic that can make the stenographers take notice is of itself important. While yet not as prone to it as American media I'm sure Jazeera has some of the same tendancies.

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    I find it a bit astonishing that so many people are willing to abandon the Party only to recreate the constraints of an organized Party.

    We don't need a party. Even from a purely progressive perspective it may be to our advantage to support a Republican in a deep red district. Say a challenger to Michele Bachmann who is a touch more open. Green Party, Democratic Party, Republican Party, Independents it should only matter who moves us in the correct direction. Let the various Parties come to us. Let us choose who to accept and when.

    That is not to say there doesn't need to be structure and organization, just needs to be more dynamic and flexible.

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    I have to admit that this incredibly optimistic projection is greatly influenced by living in Minnesota. It just doesn't feel all that bad. This election season I haven't gotten out of the state as I usually do. But I have traveled the state a bit more then usual. There is just not any wave here.

    We have a "moderate" bleed off party and the only effect I see is that it will draw a few more Republicans this time. This despite the fact that the Democratic Governor candidate  leading ticket generates let me say dutiful support at best. Our 5-3 congressional split will still be a 5-3 congressional split. Our Democratically controlled State Senate and House will be Democratically controlled.

    I am sure to be wrong. But that is not unusual.

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    Consolidating a power center vs Assembling a power base. Americans are justly wary of any one person having to much power.

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    That Jerome can make a living doing what he wants to is irrelevant. Indeed it is important for progressives to maintain a long lasting (therefore funded) infrastructure.

    That he could support both Dean and Clinton is not a contradiction. In both cases he chose the most partisan candidate. Which in my opinion was the correct reading of the opposition.

    That now the progressive movement is more or less collectively  distancing itself from the administration is uncomfortable but necessary.

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    "I didn't raise taxes", "Taxes hurt business"

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    TPaw is not all that dumb. I believe his basic plan is to shoot for the VP slot this time, while building a national infrastructure. Then depending on how it is going he positions himself to challenge Al Franken in 2014.

    He needs lots of exposure to change his blandness into confidence. His shtick only works with long but shallow exposure.

    Of course if after 2012 it appears his turn is next he will bypass any 14 race.

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    Don't need additional tax brackets until we first expose more income to the existing ones.
    Simplification is the political entry to begin the balancing of the entire economy.
    We have to understand that it is perceived fairness that has been the cover used to distort the system. Consolidating the number of income types would play into the fairness narrative.

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    I look foreword to your take on it.
    I think it is clear the a Skimmer Tax (financial transaction tax) would be the best initial step we could take to begin the re-balancing. It is also quite clear that the forces of darkness will and have marshaled armies in opposition.
    At the same time I cannot ignore the logic behind a payroll tax holiday, especially for small business. Indeed the reducing the cost of labor could help greatly. But I am a bit concerned of any additional raids on the structure of our social safety net as it will make arguments against it that much stronger. Additionally we would want the benefits to be more focused then any blanket holiday. If however it was a scaled rebate instead we could both limit the cost and maximize the benefits. Say we rebated between 5 and 10 times the median workers contribution almost all the benefit would go to small business.
    Pairing these two Ideas may just be enough to get the Skimmer tax passed. Remember this is a "sin" tax meant primarily to reduce bad behavior. If the proceeds were directed to a scaled rebate of the payroll tax it just may be enough to break up the unified business front and get the votes needed.

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    I am convinced that the biggest problem the Democrats are having is that the legislation they introduce is too complex. Not only does this complexity make it very hard for people not well versed in the subject to understand it allows the opposition and media to pick apart and distort whatever is trying to be accomplished. At the same time it draws out the process making it appear that nothing is happening.

    Specific Democratic proposals still retain large public support. It is only when the layers are added that in the aggregate they fail. Just look what Obama managed to do with just the pressuring of BP to set up the fund. A simple straight forward specific initiative has lots of support and has the opposition in a bind.

    Simple can be far reaching. The skimmer tax (Financial Transaction Tax) would cause a far reaching and systematic change. But loading it down with exemptions allows the crows to gather. A business payroll tax rebate could help with unemployment. Small business could be induced to hire some more workers if labor costs declined just a bit. However putting business size limits and other condition makes that incomprehensible and opens it up to attack as playing favorites. So for the FTT only the percentage and minimum amount covered should be at issue, for the payroll tax rebate the maximum allowable amount should be the only issue (5 or 10 times the median employee contribution).

    Under PayGo these would probably be paired, but even that is a limit on complexity and still makes a powerful change. there are lots and lots of these individual important initiatives out there get them moving with very few moving parts. Volume will be perceived as action.

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    or forgiven. Cult leader can do no wrong.

  • Not a bailout fund. Why are we so bad at this stuff?

  • Break up the bids and open the process, across the entire government.




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