The MYDD hot 100 (funding)

Desmoinesdem and his argument in Next cycle, donate strategically--not emotionally got me thinking.

It is not the case of either or, but rather harnessing the emotion to further strategic goals. The emotional money is most likely in addition to any rational donation strategy. shows that emotion can be harnessed.

A possibility below.

When I read that diary living in Minnesota I immediately thought about how I should have distributed my money then and what I should do in the future. There really are four congressional races that probably deserve some of my Mad money. So I could develop a strategy that splits my $10 into a $4, $3, $2, $1 pot that I allocate each time. But the mechanistic approach leaves me a bit emotionally unsatisfied. What if instead I gave a quarter or a fifth of my donation to one of the other races randomly? Or even better what if I ranked the races and just like the NBA lottery let that determine who I gave half or whatever to?

Thus was born the MYDD Hot 100. This is a ranked list of the 100 most important races determined by the community. The top race would get 100 entries the last would get one. An impulse donation could then be randomly directed to one of these races and the most important races would have the best chance 100 of 5050. If ActBlue is capable of it an anti-Bachmann money bomb campaign could be constructed to give 4/5 to her opponent and 1/5 to a random other member of the list.

Breadth and deapth are both important strategically. We want to spread the money around but at the same time we dont want to lose focus. A hundred is probably pushin the focus limit.

I would think that as time goes on the rank ordering would change to reflect who the Democratic candidate is, polls, FEC filings etc... I can also see that $200 out of a $1,000,000 is really not a lot for the 100th ranked candidate but it was still something.

Just a thought to hash around.

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