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    Excellent, excellent post! I don't agree with your final argument that asking questions WITHOUT providing answers is not the way to go. To the contrary, asking questions is what being a liberal is all about. The smartest people to me are always the ones who ask more questions when pushed than respond with glib answers. Do you know what I mean? I think it serves the progressive movement well in the long term to espouse this tenet. For me -- and I'm a staunch agnostic so whatever -- the best answer to the question of what happens to you when you die is to say, "Well, really - I don't know." I think, especially in light of our current political climate heavily trending Democratic, we should keep asking questions and let this enlightened attitude prevail.

  • Well, let's not get too optimistic. I must say, as an Obama supporter I am concerned with the pro-Obama mania I have seen in blog comments. I am optimistic he will get the nomination, but McCain is rallying the Rethug base with today's NYT piece, and he is going full-throttle against Obama. Michelle Obama's comment wasn't addressed promptly enough in the least, and if they're not careful the Obamas could find themselves swift-boated well before convention season heats up. Obama had better be prepared for the slime coming his way. He needs to just ride out the Clinton smears and address them diplomatically while going after McCain full-bore. This will help him in the primaries as well as the general.

  • Republican attack machine? Hmm. Assuming they have any energy/credibility left after eating one of their own, McCain, who, by the way, failed to get a majority of the Republican vote in Arizona. And assuming that Obama won't respond in kind and in time to their attacks a la Kerry. I don't think he will.

  • You sound bitter and pessimistic.

    Sounds more like you are supporting McCain than Clinton. Your sentiment will not sway any voters to vote Democratic, only push them to vote for McCain or stay home. Great job, thanks a lot.

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    I am not one of those "Obamanuts." I am actually voting for Edwards next Tuesday. I am, however, extremely turned off by the Clintons' heavy-handed tactics and their overall entitlement.

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    You are so pathetic. I never said she "campaigned" in Florida. She did do a fundraiser there, so I suppose that violates the spirit of not campaigning. It sort of reminds you of when Bill said, "it depends on what the meaning of is, is." There is just no end to the entitlement, is there?

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    I'm sure the Mark Penns of the Clinton camp sold you on every one of those lies, and god-damn them for doing that. You see, it's not really Hillary I don't like, it's the people surrounding her: the aristocratic, entitled DC insiders who are now of thinking of only the nastiest of lies about Obama. As if Obama himself said anything about the MLK-LBJ flap, and not our idiotic media. And it was her campaign spreading the nasty lies about him being a Muslim extremist, and let's be honest, it wasn't about him being a Muslim, not true, but about him being an extremist with ties to madrassas and all that connotes. You really are sad, you know that? Because, unlike me, who plans to vote and support whoever our nominee is, you probably will stay him if it's Obama, letting King McCain usher in a new hell of fascism. All because of your pettiness and nastiness and willingness to be so duped with Rovian lies. And you really are projecting when you say Obama is using Rovian tactics, when Mark Penn is the displaying all of that nastiness for all to see.

    Really sad.

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    And now it's Hillary and Bill's turn to "run a disgracefully selfish and divisive campaign," as they have shown over and over again these past few weeks, isn't it? It is the entitled Clintons once again claiming victimhood, once again getting away with not calling it "campaigning" in Florida because it was only a fundraiser. How pathetic! Why do Democrats want to keep losing!!!

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    Where do you get off calling Obama GOP lite when it was Hillary that the president of PFLAG refused to endorse because she wants to let parents decide, not the schools, whether tolerance courses should be taught to teach Jonny and Susie that their friends' gay parents aren't weirdos? Where do you get off calling Obama GOP lite when just the other day he spoke to at a church saying African Americans have scorned "our gay brothers and sisters" for too long, reaching out to a straight audience on behalf of such a marginalized constituency such as the GLBT community, a community that saw nothing but death and misery in 1980's New York and San Francisco while Ronald Reagan was denying that it was an epidemic. God-damn you!

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    And another thing, Lambros. Did you see her on CNN tonight, going on about how she's going to use the "momentum" of her Florida win, a state no one could campaign in for months, to boost her campaign going into next Tues? Where was Obama? Not doing this pathetic grandstanding. She's alienating more and more voters but the sad truth is she'll probably get the nomination anyway, and then lose to fucking Saint McCain who this stupid fucking media will anoint even though he's dubya's BFF and will keep us in Iraq for his "thousand year Reich!" What arrogance she has! What entitlement! God-damn it!

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    I find your victimization of the Clintons pathetic at best.

    First of all, Hillary is NOT Bill, and does not have the luxury of being him, and will not be equated to him. Hillary has a lot of negatives to deal with, and she had better stop with the entitlement that she somehow "deserves" to be president "just 'cuz" she's a Clinton. No, what Bill Clinton has said these past few weeks has made him look like a complete ass, and I am very upset with him, he has only trashed his presidency, and not helped the Dem candidate at all. He has been quite nasty and unstatesmanlike, and frankly has lied about Obama not being against the Iraq War from the start. Meanwhile, Hillary has been one of the most hawkish senators on Iraq, has not apologized for her vote authorizing the war, and has only come out against it since running for President. She smacks me at this point as being opportunistic and slick. And don't even get me started on her self-congratulatory speech in Florida, making her look like even more of an ass. As for the Kennedy's, they have been nothing but the picture of grace. Caroline's speech was nothing but eloquent. And that family have always stood up for the working-class, as well as suffered untold tragedy. No, Obama has that something that is magic, and I wish more people could see it and run with it. He truly is progressive, too, for gays, civil rights, technology and a whole range of issues. He has the potential to become a transformational candidate and win big, and get lots done. People like you would rather sabotage that in favor of someone who turns off half the population and probably would hurt down-ticket candidates. Hmm, who's the one candidate who will be more likely to take more independent voters from McCain. It ain't Hillary. If she's nominated at this point, it's only going to be an uphill battle, not only losing independents but Democrats as well. Fucking congratulations!

  • Concerning the GLBT constituency: at least Obama, unlike Clinton, thinks that schools should provide tolerance seminars so that kids don't think that having a gay parent is weird. Clinton would have parents decide. Oh, that really helps the kids whose parents are homophobic bigots, which just perpetuates hatred of gays. Clinton has lost a good portion of the gay vote by this stupid remark, and the president of PFLAG has refused to endorse her for this. So don't  think she has us in the bag!

  • You have not listened to one god-damned thing I wrote.

    FINE! Nominate Her Royal Highness Hillary Clinton, for fuck's sake! Give me the evidence that she is no John Kerry, that she will go after McCain the moment her nomination is finalized and NOT EVER LET UP UNTIL NOVEMBER 4TH! She will have every piece of right-wing shit hurled at her, the likes of which will make the Swift Boaters seem tame. She had better be prepared for this and immediately fight back. Her sense of entitlement would seem to put her above all these attacks, thinking they will not stick. But they have stuck, evidenced by people who say they will not vote for Hillary if she is the nominee. And these are Democrats! Please tell me who these 295,000+ supporters are that voted for Obama in SC. They are not all black, and a good number of them are Republicans! And the only people doing any race baiting here are the Clintons!

  • Georgep, I don't understand why you and many others fail to see the value in Obama getting a lot of the independent vote, AND getting out record numbers of young voters to the polls to vote for him, a Democrat. He has solid positions on all the issues, especially technology and bringing the internet and broadband to more people. He has shown himself to be competent across a broad range of issues and he generates excitement. We surpassed Republican turnout in SC by SIXTY THOUSAND VOTES because of Barack.

    Wake up everyone! This isn't about Hillary, it's about winning in November against a likely McCain! How does Hillary enter that race looking like a winner?

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    "...how he could have went..."

    Really, Jerome? Could have went? Would not 'could have gone' be the better (and grammatical) way to say this? I know you are a better writer than that.


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