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    YES YES YES. With Biden gone Feingold unquestionably has the most sophisticated understanding of foreign affairs.

    YES! Yes. Please, yes.

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    Another advantage: It opens up the third spot in the House... maybe for current D-trip chair Chris Van Hollen (my congressman and a pretty solid progressive). In 10 years we could be looking at Speaker Van Hollen, which is SO much better than Speaker Emanuel.

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    There must be more votes left in Alaska. According to the vote count right now is only 70% of what it was in 2004. Thats REALLY unlikely, especially since we had every reason to predict huge turnout there since Palin is on the ticket. Given that polls aren't usually 22 points off (that was the size of Begich's lead in the last poll) I have to think that there is a considerable chunk of votes left to be counted. Maybe the early votes? Note sure. But these numbers aren't right.

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    The networks have North Dakota wrong. Someone screwed up and switched the exit polls for North and South Dakota. Obama is winning ND

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    Why are we calling Georgia? None of the big Democratic counties have counted yet.

  • Seconded,

    This ad makes me really uncomfortable- it seems like an attempt just to get votes off of anti-Mormon bias. I'm actually shocked so many progressives are ok with this.

    And whats weird is that the LDS thing is totally unnecessary for the point of the ad.

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    People who think the word atheist is a slur don't get my money.

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    This is dumb. 60 Democrats doesn't guarantee cloture on anything just as 41 Republicans doesn't ensure a filibuster on everything. The goal is 60 votes on each individual piece of progressive legislation. Another Democrats will almost always make your job easier- 61 is better than 60 just as 60 is better than 59. But the number 60 itself doesn't matter. For purposes of getting senators elected there is absolutely nothing special about 60.

    This is also why we don't have to worry about kicking Lieberman out of the caucus. 59+ Lieberman is still 60 on all the same domestic legislation. Sixty is exactly one better than fifty-nine, no more.

  • Um, Pickens is focusing on production because he makes a shit load of money of people's consumptions and energy conservation wouldn't lead to gigantic subsides for his companies...

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    Good but the campaign is making this mistake where they think telling people how many houses McCain owns is going to do something for them. But what makes this story so great is that there isn't really an answer. Part of what keeps the story going is that there are conflicting answers. It would be way better to leave the question open. Hell they should run different versions of the commercial each one giving a different number for how many houses McCain owns. We want people arguing about how many houses there are because all the answers to that question are bad for McCain.

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    HAHAHAHAHA... Daschle? lol HAHAHA!

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    Unfortunately I can't understand his jokes through the accent. Does anyone know of any blogs that cover foreign elections from a progressive perspective? It would be cool to see more of this here, though it might be hard to dig up experts.

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    Unbelievable. The worst part of the primary debating on progressive blogs have been the hit jobs on people who are better progressives then either candidate.


    Those supporters of both candidates should be ashamed of themselves.

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    There's a about a 3000 mile-wide gap between traditional identity politics and crossing party lines to vote AGAINST a candidate because he's black or in their words a "n****R".

    If you think Black people voting for Obama is racism you belong at LGF or Free Republic. Not here.


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