Nevada's Governor: Sometimes Scandal, Sometimes Stunt

It's never been an easy time for supporters of Nevada Republican Governor Jim Gibbons.

Previous scandals include (but are, incredibly, not limited to): an allegedly groped waitress, an undocumented nanny hidden in his basement, and a federal investigation for defense contract kickbacks. His wife also booted him from the governor's mansion and accused him of having affairs with, among other women, a Playboy model

Previous stunts include: actually trying to get Mexico to pay for health care provided in Nevada for Mexican nationals (Mexico declined).

Gibbons' latest: threatening to sue the Federal Government over the health care bill - specifically the Senate's negotiation with Nelson. As Singer explained, there's literally no legal basis.

Yet, from Gibbons' press release:

The United States Constitution makes numerous references to states having "equal standing", also duties, imposts and excises are to be "uniform throughout the United States."

Gibbons is likely riffing from chaff created by the right-wing Heritage Foundation, which objects to the Senate deal with Nelson/Nebraska deal in part because:

...  ports of one State cannot be given any “preference” with respect to regulation or taxation over those of other States (Art. I, § 9, cl. 6)

Ports? Because Nebraska will suffer when passage of Obama's health reform bill blocks shipping vessels from the Missouri River?

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scandals and stunts

Thats a pretty good summation of his basic approach to public life. Latest one is that he's threatening to sue the legislature for not drafting laws based on his proposals to dissolve collective bargaining contracts for teachers.


Gibbons has a very small audience for his stunts right now; 50%+1 of GOP primary voters. Thats probably 12 = 15% of the state. He's going to tea-bag as much as he can, as often as he can. Going to be interesting to watch if he can pull it off.

by desmoulins 2010-01-10 03:10PM | 0 recs


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