Who's Blue: Paul Begala

Who's Blue is the weekly interview podcast from The Texas Blue.

This week's episode of Who's Blue features a conversation with Paul Begala, former counselor to President Bill Clinton and current political analyst for CNN. We discuss the culture of "gotcha" politics, damage control, how he got the Clinton job, and why he is a Democrat. Begala offers insight on many issues concerning Democrats today and illustrates how the Democratic Party can always effectively make its case.

You can subscribe to Who's Blue at this iTunes-friendly feed, or you can download and play directly from The Texas Blue.

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Re: Who's Blue: Paul Begala

He still works for Clinton or so he said today on CNN.

by benny06 2007-05-23 01:09PM | 0 recs
Re: Who's Blue: Paul Begala

He has nothing to say that I want to hear. He's a Clinton Cronie and everything he writes is to steer people to the Clinton's.

by ObamaEdwards2008 2007-05-23 01:43PM | 0 recs


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