• For what it's worth, I think Gak's right that there were strong headwinds blowing against the GOP this year, and McCain was definitely not a first-string candidate (the first-stringers probably saw how bad the environment was in which they'd have to run, and stayed out).

    However, I find the implication (both Gak's and Jerome's) that Obama's campaign basically had the White House handed to them, and deserve little of the credit for winning, is rather silly.

  • Geez - how long do sour grapes have to stay on the line before they become raisins?

  • I think his take on this is correct.  The electoral picture is so bad right now for McCain/Palin that they really have nothing to lose campaigning in odd places.  Only a true x-factor event can save them now, and by definition, no one can predict where they should campaign as a result.

  • If the RNC does this, they also seriously limit their ability to take advantage of some game-changing situation that might arise in the next three and a half weeks in the presidential campaign.

    Unfortunately, they really have no good choices right now.  This is a party in grave trouble at every level.

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    I think you're right on regarding the effect this would have for GOP morale, especially since Palin is just about the only morale booster they have right now.

    But it gets even worse: by focusing on downticket races, it leaves Obama/Biden almost free-and-clear to also campaign on behalf of those downticket races.  In essence, the GOP would be ceding the highest battlefield to the Dems, and the Dems could use it to mercilessly shell from above.

    Of course, if the RNC is desperate, they may make foolish choices.

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    so what is the RNC spending its money on?  ground game infrastructure?  helping beleaguered Congressional candidates?  What?

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    He's got a damned good point, Jerome.  Add in the fact that only the CBS poll shows this kind of movement over that time period, and I have to say you have an uphill battle supporting your theory.

    The GOP's going to get a bounce, and I fully expect the McCain campaign to be leading the race post-convention.  But let's not get carried away with apocalyptic interpretations of single suspect polls...

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    As do I.

    The CBS poll was run from Monday to Wednesday.  I'll admit that I had a hard time deciding on how her speech would come across to the average person last night (and this is speaking as a "middle America" native).  But I saw literally nothing prior to last night that would have moved people toward McCain or her.

    So I think the theory that the party ID swing is actual is wholly unproven and unevidenced, at best.

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    Most people don't have an impression of Obama as mean.  So I think this is a little off.

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    Palin's had plenty of practice.  She was a sportscaster, and from what I've heard she's been professionally trained as a speaker by GOPAC.

    What I saw tonight was that she can deliver a speech that's handed to her without too many slipups.  But I'd rate Ann Coulter as more engaging.

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    I'd take a different tack.  Tie her firmly to McCain in temperament.  Her biggest weakness is she has a mean, vicious streak -- as does he.

    McCain/Palin: The Angry Alternative.

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    I don't agree with the prediction, but I also don't think she'll stay long in elected politics.

    That woman's headed for acerbic talk radio/punditry.

    In this election, she's a perfect match for McCain: they both come off as angry, vicious and mean.

  • While I agree that the Obama campaign shouldn't have anything to do with such an ad, the idea that an outside group shouldn't run an ad like this is absolutely, positively ridiculous.

    The simple fact is, ads like that work.  They worked against Kerry, and we're talking about the same formula.

    I can't count the number of opportunities Dems miss because they're afraid to go for the jugular.

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    Respond by not dignifying the charge with an answer, and let the smear collapse under its own weight.

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    And I would be shocked if you could ever put yourself in someone else's shoes.


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