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    For a diary that isn't obsessing over possible VP choices?

  • Good, then we can all agree there's no reason for Hillary to be the veep.


  • You mean the party that is outpacing rethugs (your party) in growth by about 200%?

    Go eat some more idiot meatloaf.

  • What's Hillary foreign policy expertise? Running away from invisible snipers?

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    Grow up. Hillary lost. Her supporters votes counted, but they weren't enough.

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    Obama is not a "shoe in" whether he picks Hillary or not. But way to reinforce the Conservative meme that Obama is failing because he's not winning by enough yet! Panic! Arghhh! Only the clintons can save us!

    No matter who he picks, its going to take the work of his supporters (the real supporters, not the ones that hinge their support on whether or not he picks their favorite veep candidate) to get it done.

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    the Clintons exploited everyone. White, Black, Latino, Persian -- whoever could get them a leg up with the constituency they were trying to win over at the time.

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    I'm so tired of this "conventional wisdom says dems should be winning big" crap. That's exactly what it is, baseless, pundit-driven, non-reality-based bullshit.

    It's actually quite amazing that Obama, the black guy with the funny name who is a one-term Senator from "corrupt" Chicagoland is doing as well as he is, against a "war hero" who is the only Republican that can honestly say they broke with Conservative ideology. Of course, in the past 4 years, McCain has become as bad as Bush or any other conservative, but do you really think ADD America understands that yet?

    McCain hasn't gotten above 44% is 99% of the polls taken to date. There is no "funk" Obama is in. He was on vacation for a week and STILL didn't lose his lead.

    As for Hillary for VP, well I don't care either way, I cannot see Obama picking someone as his running mate who has described him as an empty suit (anyone remember "the heavens will open and the celestial choirs will sing??"), unexperienced and naive, while at the same time praising John McLame. Then there's the issue of the Clinton camp never able to keep its mouth shut about internal strife, and the fact that Hillary couldn't even make any tough decisions during her campaign and instead let all the infighting continue.

    As I said, I support Obama. Whomever he picks I trust he put a lot of thought into it and that it is a wise decision. But in my eyes, Obama has a plethora of reasons to NOT pick Hillary compared to a total lack of good reasons to pick her.

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    Well, at the least, Gore is proof that change can happen. He is a much different politician than he was in 2000.

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    Al. Gore.

    Doesn't have a speaking spot scheduled, does he?

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    Shorter catfish gatopescado

    Get off my lawn!!!

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    Aren't you gonna say "And get off my lawn!!"

    Seriously, just who the fuck do you think you are talking down to people like that? FOAD

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    While I don't care either way, I think the point of those who didn't want her name put into nomination was that they believed it would spawn a whole new load of "Dems Divided?" stories in the news.

    And they were right.

    But like I said, it's inside baseball stuff that 99% of voters don't give a shit about either way, so meh.

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    10 years ago I'd pelt you w/ fiery objects, but nowadays there's tons of wishy washy "any chicago team" supporters in this town.

    And for the record, I do think its wishy washy. Reminds me of the political moderate mindset. Pick a side! I understand your reasoning - but when it comes to intra-city sports rivalries, there's no room for reason!


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