• While the cynic in me says that this email is a "pre-emtive" strike so as to allow Kerry to take some of the credit for the flood of DNC donations that are sure to follow Dean's appointment to the position, I think crowing about Kerry's non-mention of Dean is being a little paranoid.

    Dean is not "officially" the DNC chair yet. It would be unprofessional for Kerry to name him as the DNC chair at this point.

    Even Howard Dean himself isn't calling it a done deal. Here's a snippet from an email I received from DFA just a few hours ago:

    "Since we launched our campaign for Chair of the Democratic National Committee many of you have asked about the future of Democracy for America -- what will happen if we win? Will DFA still exist? What will happen to everything we have built together?"

    Notice Dean says "if" we win.

  • comment on a post What Is Liberalism?--A Primer, Part 1 over 9 years ago
    I always agreed with the notion that fixing our party (and our country) begins with correcting the damage that has been done to the 'liberal' label.

    I mean, one of the main charges against Kerry that stuck was that he was the "#1 liberal in the senate". Now, accuracy of this statement notwithstanding, the very fact that the mere application of a label can be perceived as damaging gets to very root of the problem in this country today.

    Now I'm not trying to bash Kerry, but when he was asked "how do you handle being called the #1 liberal in the Senate?" his response would be to point out that he actually wasn't the #1 liberal, which merely reinforces the conservative-inspired meme that liberalism is bad. HE would have done better to embrace the label, and to explain why liberalism is actually the main founding principle of our country.

    Liberal has become a dirty word, and yet like most conservative memes, this perception has no basis in reality.

  • I didn't ask you to tell me one damned positive thing that Clinton did, I asked you about the DLC.

    Clinton's charisma is what propelled him to the presidency - not the DLC's misguided worldview.

    In other words, I'm asking you what's so good about the "egg", and you're telling me what's good about the "chicken".

    Just because Clinton enabled the DLC doesn't make them one and the same. Besides, alot of Clinton's policies were just as misguided as the DLC in general, he just had the charisma to push them through. (Telecommunications Act ring a bell?)

    How about standing up for what's really right, as opposed to standing up for what you incorrectly assume is the national perception of what's right?

  • "it seems the only people attacking Dean right now are his fellow Democrats.  And on the basis of a caricature they chose to believe, but has no basis in reality. "

    AKA "doublethink" (the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one's mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them)

  • The "values" of the DLC?

    The VALUES of the DLC?!?

    What values would those be? Distortion, disinformation and deception?

    Or would it be the value of keeping the power of the party in the hands of a few elites?

    The DLC is a horrible institution that exists only to serve the insiders in DC and to maintain the status-quo.

    Do you really think they give a rat's arse about you?

    Please, please tell me one damned positive thing that the DLC has done for the Democratic Party.


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