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    It doesn't. Sorry, I forgot the snark tag...

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    As bad as the traditional media is, I'm am fairly certain they won't let this stand. The tradmed could care less about telling the whole truth, but if you make them feel like you are restricting their access, well, they tend to take it personally.

    If the story becomes "Palin won't answer questions" or "Palin avoids media", that is bad for the McSame campaign.

    And don't think for a second that if the Media doesn't call out this childish behavior on their own that Obama won't, which will then turn it into a story.

    One just has to look at Obama's comments yesterday re: Community Organizing to see that not only will he respond quickly to pathetic reich wing attacks, but he does it in a way that makes his opponents look even more foolish then they already looked.

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    SUSA Jerome? SUSA?!?

    Okay, you are vindicated. You were right when you said Obama is the "weakest nominee in decades".


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    HRd for lying about the network coverage, and for just generally being a choad.

  • 10 McPoints for you!

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    If Hillary wants to act as surrogate and attack Palin's positions against abortion, sex ed, creationism in schools, funds for teen mothers, etc., that's up to her to decide if she thinks those issues are important.

    What's not so important, however, is rankles reebus opinion on whether or not it's hypocritical to want Hillary to defend Democratic Values.

    Get over yourself, I know you still want to squeeze some life out the Primary Wars, but really, isn't there more important stuff to focus on?

    You should be making phone calls to undecided voters, sending money to the DNC or Obama, volunteering for GOTV, and other things that people who actually want to see Democrats in the WH again would do.

    But then again, "reebus" is no Democrat.

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    Obama's not doing too bad for being the "weakest Democratic Nominee in decades, is he Jerome?


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    Imagine for a second that McCain was able to do something unexpected that severed the McCain link to Bush.

    Like what, change his name to Barack Obama?

    Or maybe get in his straight-talk-time-machine and change the fact that he voted with him over 90% of the time?

    Or use the Patriot Act as a cover to go into the databases of all news organizations and wipe out all the news stories, photos and quotes in definitively link McCain to Bush?

    As is usually the case with Concerned Citizens©, there is absolutely no substance behind your hand wringing.

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    Wow r u thick.

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    Very nice and passionate diary. Loved it and rec'd it.

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    That's a nice bounce, and indicative of a much higher one-day bounce since Gallup is a rolling average.

    Having said that, all that matters is state-by-state polling.

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    And here I thought this was going to be a column about the old Sega Genesis game, Columns!

    Anyway, the whole thing is just another example of the reich wing throwing anything and everything, no matter how contrived and ridiculous it is, against the wall. They figure one of those pieces of shit they throw against the wall might have the right texture to stick.

    Sorry for the visual. ;-)

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    God bless you, psychodrew.

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    Wow, first Paul Begala says on CNN last night, regarding his belief that night one of the convention was a waste, "I was wrong, you guys were right", and now this!

    I'd write more, but am busy today at work. dtaylor, God bless and welcome aboard.

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    Wow, its a little early to be hitting the sauce, Gloria...


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