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    "I saw this diary earlier today over at the Great Orange Satan. The general premise is that, since there is a higher percentage of Hillary-supportive contributors here, that this place is therefore terrible and no longer an acceptable place for the A-list bloggers to hang out."

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    Actually, since I am the person who wrote the diary at Daily Kos, I can tell you what the real premise was.

    The premise is that this site is filled with so much hate and vitriol lately (as evidenced by this diary: http://www.mydd.com/story/2008/2/7/14331 /02538 as well as the comments within, as well as several factually-challenged posts by Jerome et al.) that I wondered what ever happened to substantive debate.

    Seems to me, all the Obama-bashers have nothing in their arsenal except xenophobia, false aspersions, misleading data (like the claim that MyDD is growing when it's level of readership has dropped to what it was in mid 2004), etc.

    Whereas Obama's supporters are armed with facts, such as Hillary's vote to authorize the Iraq war, Hillary's vote to support Bush's policy of aggression in Iran, Bill's comments dismissing Obama's trouncing of Hillary in SC by basically saying, hey some other black guy won here too before, fake crying, the list goes on....

    But don't let facts get in the way of your sensationalized descriptions of Obama's huge base of support as "cultists".

  • Or

    "Hillary: I support Hillary because the Media Seems to Maybe Sorta Kinda Like Obama, and Regardless of Obama's Actual Policy Positions I Just Can't Like a Guy Unless He Is Despised By the Media Because I'm Just That Frakking Shallow"

    You remind me of the non-conformist kid in south park that decided he was so non-conformist he was going to conform to society so he could really show those other non-conformist kids... lmao

  • Wow, its son of donkeykong.

    Aren't you the guy who back in 2005 thought Howard Dean and his movement were a bunch of tree hugging losers and that the DLC roxored your world? My comment history suggests that you are...

    It's all starting to make sense now.

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    Hillary: Vote for Me or the Scary Terrorists Will Kill You!

    Hillary: Further Deregulation of the Media Giants Begins Here!

    Hillary: Don't Want Health Care? That's OK, We'll Just Garnish Your Paycheck!

    Hillary: Because It Takes a Clinton To Clean Up After A Bush (and to also reverse Congressional Democratic pickups from 2006)

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    WOW! They've only debated 18 times already....

    Anyone with functioning matter between their ears can ascertain that the only reason Hillary wants to debate is because its free airtime.

    For a person who doesnt generate anywhere near the netroots financial support that Obama does, free airtime is gold.

    But yeah, 1 debate a month would be reasonable.

    But not on FOX. But I'm sure many of the Hillary supporters here on MyDLC will start espousing the virtues of going on a 2-hour debate sponsored by FOX any minute now....

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    I expect this type of nonsense from the hateful, bigotted right. But somewhere along the line Hillary's supporter's have decided that it's it hip to be Rovian.

    I used to have a lot of respect for this site. It was my third political blog bookmark right after DeanForAmerica.com and DailyKos.com.

    Now I visit here with the same apprehension that I experience when checking in on sites like Free Republic to see what the xenophobes are thinking today.

    Undies, and anyone else that plays this pathetic game should take a good look at themselves in the mirror.

    And don't be surprised when you see Karl Rove smiling back at you.

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    Wow, what a disgustingly xenophobic diary.

    Sadly, that has become typical for the MyDLC crowd lately.

    [a href='MyDLC] Hey did you hear that Obama's cousin is a scary Muslim? And that his church's leaders sisters cousin once said some nice things about Farakhan? Did you know he went to a Madrassa?? You know, the scary Muslim schools where they teach everyone to become smart, pretend to be a Christian, and covertly destroy the United States from within? [/a]

    Undies, you a frakking pathetic.

  • By "sacrifice", DK means "selling out". He would be a perfect neo-con because all he is interested in is winning -- at any cost.

    DK is right, we are in a "struggle for the soul" of the party. But if DK had his way, we would be selling that "soul" to the big money special interests and we would keep our mouths shut about civil rights, violence, racism, womens right's and anything else that makes a liberal a liberal.

    In other words, DK would like us to join Joe Lieberman in reshaping the Democratic party in the image of the Republicans.

    And for the record, all of DK's listed "winning issues" have all been discussed at great length by DNC chair Gov. Howard Dean, but like the DINO's before him, DK doesn't bother to reference that fact - wouldn't want to stray from the tried and true path of negativity towards one's own party chairman...

  • Nadar? Is that the love child of M.A.S.H.'s cross dressing Radar and Ralph Nader?

    Your statement above is so intellectually bankrupt that I refuse to directly address it - other than to make poor jokes like the one above...

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    Centrist Democrat   cen-trist dem-o-crat


    1. Someone who is too wishy-washy and meal-mouthed to stand up for something.

    2. One who is afraid to face the wrath of either the left or the right, preferring to denigrate anyone else who does take a stand for what they believe in.
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    So would you have us all spy on our fellow Americans? Somehow, I think, that is not the way a free society is supposed to operate.
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    Kudos to both Durbin (my state rep!) and Howard Dean for having the cutzpah to tell it like it is.

    And boo to DonkeyKong, who is obsessed with finding a way to try and criticize Howard Dean in 99.999% of his posts/diaries. And he's been doing it for about 2 years now lol....

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    ^^^ That doesn't sound very "happy"....


    I am happy that I have a beautiful 10mo old daughter.

    I am happy that I have a strong and satisfying marriage.

    I am happy that I have good friends.

    I am happy that there are millions upon millions of people like me that aren't going to take the crap our government is shoveling sitting down. We're going to fight until we win. And we will win.

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    LMAO! "Gizoogled" Bush Bio (ast paragraph)

    President Bizzush is married ta Laura Welch Bush, a killa nigga n librarian, n they have twiznin brotha Barbara n Jenna dogg. The Bush family also includes they doggz Barney, Miss Beazley, n they cat India hittin that booty.


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    Coz of tha attention being paid ta me I find it is no poser possible ta effectively be a brotha fo` Talon News.  In considerizzles of tha welfare of me n mah family I have decided ta return ta private life.

    Thiznank you ta all those who supported me.


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