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    I agree, I'm just trying to figure out what, exactly, is it about Obama that makes him the "Worst Nominee this decade" in our esteemed site founder's eyes. Other than him not being Hillary, Kerry or Gore, that is.

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    So do you think Kerry would have had:

    1) As effective a ground game as Obama apparently has

    2) Fundraising as effective as Obama has been

    3) Pushback on Republican attacks as effective as Obama

    4) As excited and enthusiastic a base as Obama has.

    Also, are you saying you'd prefer Kerry or Gore because they'd win easier, because they'd govern better, or both?

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    You've been pretty quiet lately, Mr. Armstrong.

    Do you still think Obama is the "worst nominee in decades"?

    I'm seriously just curious, not tryin' to be a smartass.

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    Who knew Alegre could type.

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    Looking at the RCP battleground tracker, and considering Nate Silver's analysis that shows Obama has a composite lead of 6% or greater in enough states to guarantee him 269 EV's, it's getting awful hard to fight that overwhelming sense of confidence.

    Either way, I will continue to donate, and phone bank - when I have time to do so.

    One nice thing is I walk past the main Obama HQ every day here in Chicago on my way to and from the train, so whenever I have extra time I can just pop in there to sign up for some volunteer duty.

  • Thanks!

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    Pat Buchanan's ugly mug is blocking the recommended diaries.

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    Or, to paraphrase John McSame, Jerome would rather lose a critical election than be proven wrong when he said Obama is "the weakest Democratic Nominee in decades".

    And, not that Jerome (or anyone else for that matter) gives a shit, but I;ve gone from a very frequent poster, to a seldom poster, to a rare visitor because of the bullshit way this site is being run.

    First you had the joke of a delegate counter during the Primary wars.

    Now you have the joke of an electoral map that was supposed based on the "latest polls", but that seems to only apply when the latest poll is detrimental to Obama's chances of winning.

    There's never any constructive criticism, never any "yes, we need to do more of this". It's all doom and gloom, all the fucking time.

    Crash the gates? Nah, they're much too scaaaaaary. We'll never get over them. We should have picked a different ladder. The guards are too mean.

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    Man what is with Jerome. There's nothing wrong with being cautious, or even negative - but what ever happened to offering ideas about what can be done better, or talking about what's working so we can do more of that.

    It just seems like negativity for the sake of negativity these days.

    Seems we've gone from "Crashing the Gate" to "The Gate is too tall, let us not approach it".

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    So does this mean that the narrative again becomes "Why isn't Obama winning by more?!?"?

    But seriously, being back we were at before the conventions is a good thing, after all the Palin hype we had to suffer through.

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    Because it has been proven time and time again that the market will not regulate itself.

  • The comedy material just writes itself with these PUMa and reich-wing clowns.

    Oh noes, the Rothschilds (who, by the way, make the Rockefellers look folksy) are going to support McCain!!!

    All it does is feed the "ask me how many houses I own" meme.

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    Maybe she's just trying to ban herself?

    IRL Sarah Palin is actually rankles!

  • my experience with the Bush campaign from '04 makes me think you're a Republican here to shape opinion.

    There's a lot of those on this site, due mostly to a total lack of site moderation. Which has its pluses, as I enjoy debating with the "other side". However, one thing I cannot stand are people who pose as Dems with the sole purpose of undermining our message and unity. AKA Concern Trolls.

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    I disagree. I know you believe the Palin pick is a masterstroke, Jerome, but what real evidence is there to back up any assertion that her popularity stretches beyond the hardcore reich wing base?

    Already, the ABC poll is showing that the public is no longer buying the pathetic "media unfair to poor lil Palin" meme.

    She enjoys a healthy approval rating, but that is only because she is by and large an unknown quantity.

    If the GOP decides to keep her tucked away, then it will be the Obama camp and the media that define her. If that's what happens, it will be a net plus for Obama.

    While the Palin pick is helping energize the GOP base, in the eyes of moderates she is am extremist, and you can bet that Obama and co. will be hammering that perception home in the coming days.

    Of course everything is going to depend on GOTV, and while Palin has energized the GOP base, she has also energized the Dem base which was, in my opinion, starting to rest on our laurels a bit.


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