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    I just wrote to Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, expressing my disappointment and asking her to disavow the CBC endorsement. Maybe if the CBC members get enough heat, they will, at least individually, endorse Carter.

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    Joe won because a lot of indies and 30% of dem voted for him - That what he and McCain are counting on - McCain will get the Repub nomination as long as he kisses the Falwell ring and says he won't appoint an activist judge - Niether Gulianni or Bloomberg can get past them and niether can a mormon - Frist is out - They will swallow McCain rather than lose all power - And the christian right loves joe - He's observant, disparges Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and stuck w/ bush - They will get behind this ticket, and so will a lot of big money.

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    I brought this up several times on various site since Nov. 7th and it generated little interest - It is good that it is starting to register - Both of these creeps are loved by the MSM and Fox drools over joe. It will happen. There will be all sorts of fake drama at convention time (will he or won't he ? Oh the excitement!) then joe will humbly accept his friend's outstreched hand as he (again) ascends to vp martyrdom (yes, that's the way he will play it. Good of the country and all that, and if they lose, well, he will still be the 'decider' senator). And which dem is going to nail him? after all the hugs and kisses on his return to the senate?
    And most unbelievably, lieberman will get a pass on Iraq, because, "After all", he'll say "most of the country got it wrong, too. But we meant well."
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    Why do all the insider dems get so excited about Obama ? He condesending to black people, wishy washy on Iraq and w/o creds or experience w/ respect to anything progressive. The best AA in congress is Sheila Jackson Lee. She is smart, experienced, tough and does not suffer fools gladly (voted second meanest member by House staffers). Gore for Pres/ Lee for Vice and Jimmy Carter for Secretary of State.

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    what exactly is 'between' a 'complete' and a 'utter' failure?

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    Terry -'nough said - I'm going to see what info I can find on Hastings and make a more informed judgement ( although I doubt the MSM will) -

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    Terry, Why are you so dismissive? I'm just a citizen, get my news from cspan and the web,and  don't know any of these folks personally. But from that perspective, Shiela Jackson Lee looks very good, not 'nice', good. Sitting on a commitee may give one experience in issues and characters you are going to confront, but so does that multi million dollar staff that all of these guys rely on to do the heavy lifting (I bet even when the Rep.s get a chance to read the bills before voting, it wont be them doing the reading). And Hastings will still get to ask questions, so his expertise will not be lost. Lee is very smart and in no way a republican lite (Harman).  She woundn't give them the benifit of the doubt or gloss over problems. And being black (and very smart)is important. She would be in the news a lot. She would be speaking on the talk shows, dualing with the pundits. She would be a prominent national face of the democratic party. It's important for the country and it's important for the party that she is black (and w/o scandal).
    I only vaguely remember Hastings' impeachment, but since his name has arisen for this chair, it is always appended w/ 'formerly impeached judge' ect. Just or not, that will always be the perception MSM will bring. Democrats have bigger fish to fry than one man's advancement, and Lee can do the frying.
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    How about Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee?
    - She's very smart -
    _ She's very tough -
    - She's very black -
    And she's a Texan (just to prove dem.s aren't prejudiced) - She reminds me of Barbara Jordan, maybe not as eloquent, but very articulate and forceful.


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