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    Korki, the purpose of a general strike is to disrupt the normal goings on of daily life to pull attention to the protest. The port is an excellent venu to strike, because it is importing the goods of our exported jobs. You would have far more affect on what you have to say if you didn't refer to the occupy movement as "you." Give a listen

    - Recently I saw movie containing protesters from our Occupy movement disabling a port in Oakland, California and I thought "WE must be completely out of OUR minds?" If WE want to occupy something then occupy congress, wall street or another parasitic institution, not a port which gives something useful and tangible (like manufacturing/consumer goods) besides by paralysing a port WE interrupt work of 99% who WE claim represent...

    WE have to understand that corporate media (especially faux newz) will use every opportunity to present US as parasites, idiots, whiners, lazy jobless entitlement sucking people and so on... So think before you (here it is OK to use "you" since you are refering to the actual actors) protest and affect fat cats not ordinary people (like port workers) with your demonstrations...- 

    This is WE. Our cause. Port athority workers and long shormen have been dwindling in pay and union representation. Dock workers have seen their pensions slashed, workers replaced with part time, non-perminent employees and the ports sold to foreign owners. We want dignity, we want the ability to retire someday, we want to be able  to pay for our kids to go to college... Occupy, bring on the general strike we are in solidarity with you..

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    Folks. The Volt vote is alive and kicking. The link to the Volt Vote that was at the only website that I remembered it to be on was taken off. Readers have found another link to the vote. Here it is. http://www.gmsurveys2.com/se.ashx?s=7C7F D94F76D8CE27 So keep voting.
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    Al Gore has something very few politicians have, real future vision. I know of his work with DARPA, he was a consultant to Google, he is a board member of Apple computers and a friend of America's great futurists that actually can make the future Steve Jobs. He has that special future vision thing that so few others have in Washington. Unfortunately, he is also a great guy. His political team was not up to dealing with all the dirty tricks of the Bush campaign. They didn't know how to stop the lies from sticking. His choice of Joseph Lieberman was so poor it makes me shutter. His campaign manager was not capable. However, he isn't and wasn't a bad choice compaired to George W. Bush.

    His last campaign pitted a conservative democrat, Al Gore, whose wife was involved in protecting our children from the extremes of entertainment. Hollywood didn't want sensorship so they made him the enemy. Gore spent his campaign corting the liberal vote to maintain the powers of the Democratic Party so much so that he lost the right wing, where he came from and so did Bill Clinton, and lost part of the center that was leaning right. The parties mainstays, the far left wing abandoned him and he was eaten alive. I am sure Hollywood would take back all that they have done today. They sure put their weight behind John Kerry. I am sure that Ralph Nader would have thrown his support behind Al Gore if he knew that we were going to get the desaster George Bush is.

    The Republican party is scared stupid about an Al Gore candidacy. That is because he represents professional foreign policy, a domestic agenda that would mean a real move away from imported oil, one that would include electric cars, our economy would be directed to real entreprenuership rather than the free criminalizing markets of the Bush administration. Our relationship with the world would be better and will be better if we can only convince Tipper that the nation is calling.

    Some who are called to serve are asked to give the ultamate sacrifice to our nation. Being President is just that type of task. You may survive it, but the sacrifice is that of a normal life.

    After the Bush administration our nation faces crushing debt, two unfinished wars, a houseing market that is teatering on the brink of colapse, our energy supplies being held in place by threads, our envirionment moving backwards and the real threat of global warming looming on the horizon. As far as I can see there is only one person for the task. It is Al Gore. Who else can see and speak to getting our nation out of peril and back on the road to prosperity? Tipper, let Al run, the nation needs him. Sincerely, Joseph Lado

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    Come watch the movie Who Killed the Electric Car? with the director Chris Paine and the star Chelsea Sexton. 11Apr at NVCC Loudon Campus. Check out the EVA/DC website for more information http://www.evadc.org/index.html


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