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    Sixth, since when do Progressives let swing state public option polls determine our countrie's long term energy and environmental policy.

    Sounds like a recipe for smog filled cities and clear cut forests.  

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    The oil companies are using the gas price scare to grab more public land and fatten their stock prices.

    Big Oil is not interesting in actually investing in increased production...they just want the oil leases to attract investors.

    Most Oil Leases on Public Lands Go Unused

    Nearly three-fourths of the 40 million acres of public land currently leased for oil and gas development in the continental United States outside Alaska isn't producing any oil or gas, federal records show, even as the Bush administration pushes to open more environmentally sensitive public lands for oil and gas development.

    Morton said the leases, which companies can lock up for 10 years with annual rents of only $2 to $3 an acre, are an economic boon to some companies because they count as assets that can make debt refinancing easier while also attracting potential investors.

  • You're the one who thinks they are talking for "millions more just like me.". Maybe you're a 'real'  Democrat but you are really making yourself look bad.

    You are loving your bitterness and hate more then your country. That's very sad.

  • See you in 2012? Not if we see you first.  

  • Don't you get the feeling all the 'concern' is really that it WILL work. What will they do with all their "I told you so." diaries?

    Last time I checked the 50 state strategy worked pretty well in the Primary.

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    We don't have a choice (but to win). Because now, if we screw this up, all those people that I have met who really need help, they are not going to get help.
    - Barack Obama (June 6th 2008) talking at his campaign headquarters.


  • Watch This! Don't worry Obama gets it.

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    ..Obama's team has already responded and is not about to let McCain take the high road on this.

    The Obama campaign responds: "As Barack Obama has said before, the idea of joint town halls is appealing and one that would allow a great conversation to take place about the need to change the direction of this country. We would recommend a format that is less structured and lengthier than the McCain campaign suggests, one that more closely resembles the historic debates between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas."
    - NBC News

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    .... the mover is here to see you.

    I thought it was all about the judgment of the Super Delegates? They would decide who was more electable?

    Well they chose and Obama is the Democratic Nominee.

    Oh and Obama won the popular vote too (not that it matters).

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    You must have missed Joe Scarborough and Pat Buchanan beating the "Obama is an elitist and has a white working class problem" drum for the last two months. Oh and did you miss the Rev. Wright coverage?

    Obama has been cut NO slack in the media. Saying it is just making excuses for Hillary losing.

  • I agree that the Clinton's THINK they have Obama's fate in their hands but unless they are ready to go nuclear (run as an Independent) I don't think their leverage last a week.

    I don't see Obama panicking and giving her the VP slot. He has shown a knack to thinking long term  and also knows that Americans are fickle (Hillary who?).    

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    ...and has suggested that you are NOT qualified to be Commander In Chief.

    I don't see Hillary (and Bill) as someone that Obama could trust to have his back.

  • This race is NOT going to be about Clinton's. They need to retreat into the background and let a new generation take over the party.

  • Edward's heart was not in it .... that was plain from his VP debate performance. Obama is going to need a good teammate not an arch-rival.

  • ..with or without Hillary.

    re..."millions like you", maybe at this moment but time heals all wounds and Americans have very short memories.  


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