Why I support Net Neutrality

I'm not a career politician. I don't need polls to tell me what to believe. I've looked at the facts, weighed the evidence, and I strongly believe that Net Neutrality is good for America.

Why? I have a few main reasons:

Because it is changing the way we live our lives. As my daughter grows up, she will have opportunities I never had. With the click of a mouse, she can tap into a network of people and information I could never have imagined years ago. The internet has grown by leaps and bounds, not in spite of Net Neutrality, but because of it. We shouldn't mess with success.

Because it is good for the economy. Small businesses are being squeezed by multinational companies with far greater resources. These companies can afford to pay whatever it takes to guarantee internet access. Small businesses can't. The most innovative businesses out there today are using the internet to provide more choice to consumers. We should be promoting the businesses of tomorrow, not hurting them.

Because it is the right thing to do for consumers and small businesses. At the end of the day that is ultimately what matters. Only consumers should get to choose what websites they want to visit. Their representatives in Congress are surrendering to special interest pressure to create a system where people are in control. I believe what makes Democrats great is that they invest in people. So I believe in Net Neutrality.

I can use your help. If you believe in the importance of Net Neutrality, I would ask that you consider making a donation to my campaign. By doing so, you can help to balance the power of those who do not support Net Neutrality, who have already contributed $2,000 to my opponent, Curt Weldon. In the coming months, we will undoubtedly need the support of people like yourself who want the internet to work the way it does today.

With your help, we can show candidates around the country that they must be willing to stand up for what is best for our country. By raising $2,000 in the next week, we can show the country that Democrats win when they stand up forthrightly for what is right for our nation. Let's prove the success of people-powered politics to naysayers everywhere.

Please donate to my campaign via the Netroots Endorsed page.
Thank you for your support!

Joe Sestak

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I Support Net Neutrality

I support protection of the internet.

I have a website called Hyipo - A place of everything. ISPs don't crush Hyipo Organization, I won't let you, I will stop you. Net Neutrality will win. We will win the war.

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