FL-25: The Most Slanderous Ad of the Cycle

We didn't think Mario's desperation could get any worse. We were wrong. Way wrong.

Mario just launched the biggest lie and personal slander in an ad I have ever seen, falsely trying to link Joe Garcia to an FBI investigation, the Enron collapse, and corruption. You can watch the shameful ad below and then give us the resources to fight back by contributing here:

Let's be clear:

1) Joe Garcia is not, and has never been, under investigation by the FBI. This is an extremely dishonest and outrageous implication.

2) Joe Garcia never worked for Enron, never tried to get a job with Enron, and was even rebuked by Ken Lay because of his strong views on utility regulation.  In fact, Joe Garcia took on the utility companies to save Florida families $1 billion.

3) Not one of the articles they cited in the ad mentioned Joe Garcia. None.

4) This ad is completely, 100% false.

We're taking every legal recourse we can to get the TV stations to pull this ad from the air.  But we need your urgent help to defeat these lies on the airwaves.

We're polling neck-and-neck with their campaign, and we can't let these blatant lies and desperate attacks beat us on TV.

I know this community has already given our campaign a lot, but we need you now more than ever. Please donate whatever you can, right now.

Thank you,

Augusto Granados

Campaign Manager, Joe Garcia for Congress

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Re: FL-25: The Most Slanderous Ad of the Cycle

I was born and raised in Miami, FL. As a high school student in 1996 having just turned 18, I voted against Mario Diaz-Balart. Actually, I just didn't vote for him - I had no alternative. I since moved away for college and a career, but I have watched with disgust as the Cuban American mafia has turned a blind eye to their districts, many of which are in poverty and without health care, and voted the Republican agenda.

I am so grateful that we have THREE, yes I said THREE Debbie Wasserman-Schultz - THREE wonderful candidates trying to knock off the entrenched Cuban-American representatives in Miami that represent the only diversity in the House Republican caucus. Garcia, Martinez, and Taddeo will take the fight to the corrupt Diaz-Balarts and Ros-Lehtinens, and other than Barack Obama getting elected, and perhaps a filibuster proof Senate, I can't think of any sweeter treat than kicking out the 3 Republican crooks in South Florida.

The Miami districts are SO gerrymandered simply to benefit three disgraceful Cuban politicians. I am Cuban-American, and the Cuban Mafia that runs Miami is an insidious curse on the great people of Miami. All they do is rule by fear by re-living the politics of the 1960s, calling Democrats communists and the like. This latest ad is merely the latest nasty attack from an embarrassment to the People's House, but who is really surprised by anything this Slime Ball says? I encourage anyone who can to contribute to this effort - Give Joe Garcia some love!

I never thought I'd be voting for someone with ties to the Cuban American National Foundation, and the dirtbag that was Jorge Mas Canosa, but I see that Joe Garcia can put country and community ahead of narrow ideology and propaganda. Let's get rid of the sleazy Diaz-Balart dynasty once and for all!

by fsugrad2005 2008-10-22 05:05PM | 0 recs


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