FL-25: Mario Diaz-Balart - The Last Throes of a Desperate Incumbent

Yesterday, for the second time in three weeks, news organizations discredited Mario Diaz-Balart's attack ad as chock-full of lies. So how did he react?  Unbelievably, he launched his most egregious ad yet.

This one not only alludes to the same lies as before, but also it actually states that Joe has been involved in "corruption"; obviously, with no citation referring to Joe.

Here is the ad:

This one is so dirty, he won't even post it on his own YouTube page. Mario Diaz-Balart knows he's going to lose and he's getting desperate. So he lies. Then he gets called-out, so then he lies even more. He doesn't mention a single issue in ANY of his campaign ads: digging DEEPER into the gutter.

He also doesn't mention anything related to something Joe actually did. Here is the news report about his last ad:

Does it get any worse? This is absolutely Orwellian.

A Congressman who has paid over $100,000 to a crooked campaign operative that has been stealing absentee ballots on behalf of his big brother and fellow Congressman, Lincoln, makes baseless attacks linking his opponent to "corruption."

A Congressman who has taken money from Enron lobbyists and whose brother actually took money from Enron attacks his opponent for being responsible for the Enron debacle, even though his opponent never had any connection to Enron.

A Congressman whose opponent ushered in the largest utility rate cut in Florida history attacks that same opponent for raising utility rates.

Even though this new ad is underhanded and baseless, it will be effective in the final days of this campaign. Diaz-Balart made sure to release this just in time for people to see it, but also close enough to Election Day so the local media won't be able to completely reject every claim like they've done with all his others.

Please help us fight back with as much as you can! We're putting in our final media buys within the next 24 hours, so every dollar you can find to give will put us in that much better of a position to slap Diaz-Balart back down into the gutter where he belongs.

You've put us where we are at this point, and we need you to help put us over the line.

Thank you for all that you've done! We can't wait to share in this victory with you in just seven days.

Yours truly,

Augusto Granados
Campaign Manager
Joe Garcia for Congress

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