FL-25: Mario Diaz-Balart Goes From Smearing Joe to Insulting Veterans

By now you've certainly seen at least one of Mario Diaz-Balart's baselesssmearsagainst Joe Garcia. You would think that if a sitting member of Congress is going to toss out what little integrity he has left, he would limit the mud-slinging to only his opponent. You'd be wrong about Diaz-Balart.

He's now sending his lobbyist/personal secretary/campaign manager to make personal smears against a decorated Iraq war veteran.

On Monday, Congressman Silvestre Reyes was in Miami to join candidates Joe Garcia and Annette Taddeo in calling out the three Republican members of the South Florida Congressional delegation for their unending support for Bush's war and simultaneous lack of commitment to our veterans upon their return. The room was filled with veterans of wars passed. The Congressman and candidates were introduced by Fuller Haring, a Purple Heart recipient and veteran of the war in Iraq. Fuller spoke about his frustration in trying to receive the medical care he required when he returned home to his family. He also talked about his fellow soldiers and their stories of long waits and the unending hurdles they face to receive proper medical care.

So what was Diaz-Balart's response?

"This is another pathetic Joe Garcia gimmick," spokesman Carlos Curbelo said.

Really, Mario?

Here's our new message featuring "pathetic gimmick" war hero, Fuller Haring:

Will you help us deliver his story to the voters of South Florida?

Mario Diaz-Balart will say ANYTHING to hold on to power and even send his lobbyist staffer to slander a war hero.

Join us in fighting back against this garbage!


Augusto Granados
Campaign Manager
Joe Garcia for Congress

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excellent diary

I have posted something similar over at VetVoice... www.vetvoice.com

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