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In keeping with the highly-principled-and-in-no-way-self-int erested argument being made by Hillary Clinton For President, it is important that all voices be heard in determining the Democratic presidential nominee for 2008.  If silly old DNC rules prohibit them, then those rules MUST be changed or discarded, regardless of whether people may have relied on them when they were voting.  The DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee is meeting at the end of the month to decide whether the delegates elected in the Michigan and Florida primaries will be seated, or whether totally dumb and quaint principles like the rule of law and not deceiving people will be adhered to for no good reason.

Well, I think WE should all have a voice as well.  So I am planning to attend the Committee meeting and demand that the results of the election that will occur in this very diary count!  This is true democratic action!  The voices of the people must be heard!  Remember Florida 2000!

Please vote in the poll below to LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD before May 31!

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Ickes: McCain will "trounce" Obama

While Clinton herself has previously stated that either Democratic candidate would win in November, but she was a safer bet, apparently a strategic decision has been made to abandon whatever class and grace was left in the campaign and begin to explicitly undermine Obama against McCain.  Harold Ickes told Newsweek that McCain would "trounce" Obama. Key quote and a few thoughts in the extended entry.

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Obama disses Mittens

In an interview with Wolf Blitzer yesterday, Obama responded to a clip of Mitt Romney attacking him for lack of experience.  Romney's statement and Obama's response after the jump:

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