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    They used to call guys like Mathews 'girl's bike seat sniffers'.  And he fits the bill exactly.  He's probably satisfied with just used undies, but the bike seats.... look out Hillary.

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    I can't understand what the purpose of having a 'z' visa holder leave the country in order to apply for permanent resident visa (green card)?  Surely this will be abused - the workers family will remain in the US and the green card may not be forthcoming for some or no reason.  Why can't the green card application be submitted within the US?

    This looks to me either as a needless impediment or a disguised attempt to punish the z visa holder somehow.  Will the worker be able to keep his US job if he has to leave the US, and for long if 'delays' occur? Is it reasonable to expect a worker to leave his family behind in an indeterminant status - particularly if the children were born in the US with automatic US citizenship (per the Constitution).

    And what is the purpose of having the temporary workers having to leave the US and stay out for a year before being able to apply again for temp. worker permit?  Once again, what about his US family?

    I smell hidden agendas in these provisions.  And I don't see any way that a temp. worker in the future can move into green card status - even if his children are US citizens.

    And of course the 'longer fence' is just ridiculous on its face.  The geographic features of long portions of the border suggest that a fence can't or won't be built, and as long as some areas are unfenced, the migration will move there.  

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    It seems to me, a person not familiar with the details of trade agreements, that this whole ediface is built on faith that the executive branch of each government will actually do something to protect labor rights and environmental protection.  As mentioned above, if the non-US party ignores these areas, and Bush and successors can ignore the violations and nothing gets redressed.  

    I guess I'm saying that persons (including membership or advocacy groups) affected by these agreements should have legal standing to bring suits to enforce the agreements (including the ability to bring class action suits).  I don't think US citizens have standing now to bring suit, and that is just an invitation to say stuff in agreements (with a wink) and then do nothing.

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    I mostly agree with Trond (that the US has been more destabilizing than stabilizing), but I'd limit the really bad effects to the post-Kennedy era - Vietnam and forward, although the post WWII anti-communism binge laid the foundation for Vietnam and beyond.  

    But LandStander goes way to far in mistrusting the Dems.  Bill Clinton was not a neo-imperialist, and respect for the US was probably at its highest around the world during his Presidency.  His biggest mistake was allowing his Secy of State to push the 'America is the essential force' theme.

    I'm not an isolationist, but an internationalist of the kind that thinks friends and enemies alike need to be dealt with honestly, but firmly.  Grape leaves in our hands, with the martial arrows well in the background.  We don't need to be and shouldn't pursue becoming the New Rome.  We don't need 200 military bases with US forces around the world.  Intelligence should concentrate on intelligence and not undermining governments and playing dirty tricks.  Terrorism shoudl be undermined and attacked with surgical skill and lots of cooperation with others - not pretending that this is some war of civilizations.  Alliances count, but they shouldn't be the only diplomatic routes we pursue.  Trade and globalization needs to be more than just a zero sum game for huge international conglomerates. The health of the planet and its peoples should be a major pillar of our policies.

    With the perspective sketched above, ANY of the major Dem. candidates (including Pelosi or Gore) would move us in the right direction, as they and progressives largely support these principles.    

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    At least once a week, it seems, the site has a front page article that contains about 12" or more of white space where the article is supposed to be.  In this case, right after the Obama numbers there is a gap of maybe 24 inches before the Edwards numbers.

    I run IE 7.0 (along with 80%+ of the world), so I'm guessing that some posters here use firefox or whatever and don't check their posts to see if it posts correcting with MS Internet Explorer.

    Please, please, folks, this is just so amateurish.  Check your work!

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    I'm a progressive liberal, so there!

  • Anybody who tells us the Governor doesn't know what the State DHS and Highway Patrol are doing in his state is asking for us to undertake that critical suspension of disbelief that makes science fiction, international intrigue thrillers and detective stories interesting.

    If he doesn't know, he's as dumb as as a fire hydrant (or GW Bush).  Unadmirable, yes.  Unintelligent, no.

    Someone explain exactly why who is attending George Miller political events isn't something that Arnold wouldn't care about?  

    There aren't many turnip trucks in Portland to fall off of - or many in CA either.  

    In these times, when some evidence indicates wrongdoing, then it is best to assume the worst.  As the pest control folks say: If you see one cockroach in your house, then assume you have more than a thousand and maybe a million.

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    Whoa!  Rush signed a consent agreement that he wouldn't take ANY prescription drugs that were not disclosed to his probation officer in advance- so that his random drug tests he agree to could be done accurately - in order to avoid prosecution and obtain probation.  The Viagra prescription was written in Florida, by a physician - with the MD as the 'name on the bottle' (to hide the Rx, at the request of Rush). The MD broke the law, and so did Rush.

    Are you saying that those on probation shouldn't be required to fulfill the requirements of probation?

    Send his ass to jail!

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    How weird is that?  Very.

    Even weirder is that the LA mayor would TRUST a Republican governor to allocate appropriate bond money to LA for schools - after the election is over.  

    As an ex-Californian, I wouldnt' vote for bonds where the governor (alone) gets to allocate the proceeds.

    You've got it right on no more support for Villaraigosa unless he changes his position on endorsements real soon now, and vigorously.

  • Although some seniors have reached the coverage hole where they have to bear 100% of cost, most probably have not gotten there YET.

    Unhappiness will probably bloom in the run-up to the elections, and the buzzing sound will be very angry elder bees looking for something to sting.

    I think this will resonate, but most likely within the context of a health care insurance system that is being recognized as increasingly out of whack.

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    Did the Busby gaff hurt?

    But I won't argue with Mimikatz's numbers.  But then, the Rethugs spent a huge amount of money trashing Busby.  Will Repub. voters come out for the not-so-exciting Bilbray.

    Biggest question: will the national mood (wrong track) effect even the redest of the red?

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    Dems should stage a DC celebration rally (maybe hire a DC high school marching band) and march around the Capitol.

    I'm not so sure that the quote from Delay's spokesperson really was a joke, except in the unintended sense.  Repubs will reframe anything to distort the truth: "This is an American restaurant that serves French cuisine,"

    So, people don't go to a Vietnamese or Italian restaurant, right?  Only to an American restaurant - that just happens to serve food typical of some 'foreign' country.  Only if you're a Republican......

    I think the spokesperson was just talking typical Republispeak.

    Now I get to choose a new name for the most dangerous person in Congress. So many names to choose from.

  • You are much too kind.

    Jonathan said: And while it would be unfair to blame the current administration for what has happened in Somalia in recent days, weeks and years, the current situation in the country underscores some of the fundamental problems with the foreign policy of George W. Bush.

    It is fairly well understood that BushCo doesn't 'do' policy.  It prefers ideology.  What has been our policy to Africa in general or east Africa in particular under Bush?  There is no coherence because there is no policy.  In Sudan, we've made deals with the government to get intelligence information - at the price of being helpless in Darfur.  Somalia has been totally ignored since our withdrawal under fire, ignoring the radical Islamist buildup.  China has been making deals all over Africa, for oil, trade, and 'presence'.  

    The neo-cons have lately been talking up Truman in an attempt to have something favorable to compare our current failed foreign policy to in an attempt to redeem it.

    But they forget that Truman had a sign on the President's desk that said: "The buck stops here".  

    Bush is President, Commander in Chief, leader of his Repub. party, and pretended macho-man of our age.  For six years he's been saying 'trust me'.  It would be more appropriate for him to admit that the right phrase would be 'truss me'.

    It would be unfair NOT to hold Bush responsible for actual and threatened foreign policy failures during his watch.  The American people deserve accountability.

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    All of the media regularly downplay or omit indications of how the two parties split on votes - the exceptions are not the rule.

    They media says "the House" or "the Senate" or "the Congress" when reporting actions (principally final votes).  Almost no coverage is given to the intramural fights before final votes.  So when the Dems all or nearly all vote together (usually against something) it is hidden information that takes effort to find.

    In the House, Dem. alternatives are never given a chance to see floor debate, and the media ignores this travesty of representative democracy.  

    Yes, the leadership hasn't made the Dem. priorities very clear, but they know that what they do won't be reported.  

    Local media has almost totally given up on reporting on Congressional actions - its all car wrecks and rapes and kidnappings and local sleeze.

    In spite of this blackout, I still think the people know who to blame for the country being on the wrong track, but they don't have any details.


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