Trade Issues

The new trade agreement is bringing up issues that need to be resolved by developing a more complete vision of how to move forward to a fair trade future.

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Net Neutrality and Internet Build-Out

So, what can be done about Net Neutrality, opposition from some Providers and some unions?

The key here is devising a win-win for all involved
Big providers are looking to make money; either just good money, or if possible, great money

To support universal high-speed access, buildout is required
But to support an ever-rising usage of video, even within the current built-out coverage area, will also require investment

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Metrics for Targeting Races

I'm wondering if it makes sense to develop some metrics for determining which races are worth targeting, and according to what strategy

To do this, we'd have to develop a db of statistics, accumulated at various levels (county, city, house district, precinct, zip, etc)
Some might be
educational level breakdown
% employed in old vs new industries
age bracket breakdown
income breakdown
% w/ high-speed internet
level of voting proficiency/efficiency (how much political or on-the-ground help needed to actually get their votes out and counted)
concentration of populace (suitable for a few big rallies vs needing many small rallies)

Then we'd develop some formulas to categorize areas according to viable strategies
Hard Blue - basically they are one of us, and just don't realize it yet
Traditionalist - need a values/religion-heavy message
Blighted Economy - need a plan for $


Then finally we assemble online teams/interest groups who specialize in working on various strategies and funnel recommended races their way

Then at the end of the electoral cycle, measure how everything went, what was left out, fine tune and repeat!

Any thoughts?


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